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Review: Lush The Sacred Truth Fresh Face Mask

By Kerker @sparklingker
Whoa man it's Wednesday!! That means exam tomorrow!!!!! I haven't had time to prepare a post this week so this is a something I prepared a month a go (reminds me of those cooking shows and here's what we prepared earlier lol). ................................................................................................ The other day I was in the city, I walked past the Swanston St Lush store. I thought to myself that I haven't bought any Lush face mask in a while so I picked up The Sacred Truth Fresh Face Mask. The lady at Lush said this was the best seller of the day so I gave it a go.
According to Lush "The truth is, we all need protection from aging. The vital antioxidant action of wheatgrass, ginseng and green tea combines with fresh papaya, cleansing clays and nutritious butters to defend the skin. This mask delivers live, fresh, active ingredients, which enhance and refresh the complexion. Apply to clean skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave for five to ten minutes, and then rinse away with warm water. Keep chilled." Review: Lush The Sacred Truth Fresh Face Mask Review: Lush The Sacred Truth Fresh Face Mask Application: Apply a thick layer on a clean face avoiding the eye area. Leave for 10 mins then rinse off with water.
Additional info:
  • Made in Australia
  • RRP $15.95 75g
  • Not tested on animals

What it feels like: A smooth thick texture. From the photos it reminds me of black sesame ice cream.
What I like:
  • Does not irritate my skin
  • Leaves skin feeling soft

What I dislike:
  • My face felt oily the following morning
  • Not a fan of the scent of this face mask, smell lingers for a while
  • A little harder to wash off, I had to use a wash cloth to get most of it off

Overall: This face mask isn't for me but everyone's preference and skin type is different. Personally I wouldn't buy again. My all time favorite Lush face masks is still Love lettuce and BB seaweed, they are so awesome my face felt so smooth and clean.
Thanks for reading!!! ♥ kerker 
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