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Review | Huggies Dry Diapers (Small)

By Shoppingaholic @shoppingaholicc


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Why did I plan to review diapers?

I became a mom on October 30, 2013 and spent a month being a new mom recovering from C-section and looking at my baby with love and surprise. It took me a month to realize that I should become more cautious when it comes to shopping for my baby!! I have used several diapers since my baby's birth (Oct 30th) birth wihout caring for small things that every mother should/would do. Also, I barely knew what to choose and what not. I am still unaware of all the tid-bits of buying diapers and using them, I am also uncomfortable using them for my baby because of its waxy thing that absorbs water. That "thing" can be toxic!! But I can not deny its usefulness. In this winter while I don't want my baby to wake-up in the middle of her sleep crying.
So, I am starting to review baby products with a hope that it will new mums choose a products for their babies.  

Why pictures are not good?

Before I write about it, let me admit that pictures are not good at all because these pictures are taken by using phone (Samsung Note) in the evening, hence low light. I am currently living with my mother until January 17th and don't have access to my Canon Rebel that takes stunning pictures. Now, since you are ready to see these poor pictures with a pity on me, let me give you some deets on these diapers. In case I miss anything, and you have a question - just let me know
Huggies Dry Diapers (Small) 

What do I think about Huggies diapers?

These diapers are good but I can't say these are great.  As its absorbent core made of Super Absorbent Layer (SAP) is fluffy because of cotton but is thick (but not hard), so the bottoms get heavy when Reet (my baby girl's name) wears it. The inner layer which is (so-called) waterproof layer becomes a little wet (sufficient to make baby's skin wet). Plus these diapers have scent in it which might become irritable for baby's skin. Let's hope for good and the best!
Huggies Dry Diapers (Small)  Its closure (the clasp that sticks to waist line of the diaper) is not that great and sometimes it was detached while using it.
Huggies Dry Diapers (Small) Huggies diapers hold urine for 4-5 hours and afterwards it becomes incapable of keeping moisture away from baby's skin. I think it's bad when we look at what this diaper claims but good because I don't want my baby to keep wearing diaper for so long.

Would I buy it again?

I am actually looking for green diapers for the sake of my baby and environment.  Until I find one, I will keep giving a try to different brands and my choice will be fragrance-free.
I have bought Pampers today and let you know how this one goes. Actually, I have used it earlier too but I couldn't because I was recovering and busy in being new mom.
Price: Rs.335
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To Buy Or Not To Buy

You tell me if you would like to buy Huggies diapers, have bought these diapers or planning to buy. Also, let me know if yiu have any suggestions or questions.

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