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[Review:] Floral Scarf

By Afternoonlattes

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A while back I was given this hijab as a gift. It was not the normal shape I was used to so I decided to just store it away for later use. Recently, I have been a bit more “daring” shall I say with my hijab styles. Iv been stepping out of my comfort zone and using prints, shapes and colors I usually am not comfortable with. While the experimenting has been a challenge, I have found that learning to wear my hijab numerous ways provides me a blast of creativity


As i said above, this hijab was a gift so I  have no idea where it is from! The texture is a sikly feel and it is a square shape. I am really fond of the color pallette. Blues, greens, and black are some of my favorite colors to wear. At first I was a bit self concious in the scarf, especially because of the texture. I lean towards cotton and this was silky but as the day progresed I felt a bit more comfortable.


To wear this look. I put on a black under-piece and then put the scarf over it. I then made one side of the scarf very short and wrapped the other side all the way around my head and pinned it atop.


Let me know what you all think please (:

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