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Review: Beasthead – Tallest Trees

Posted on the 20 February 2014 by Doughnutmag

Beasthead - Tallest Trees

From the tip of ‘Top of The Mountain’, Beasthead paint a rolling picture of sound, veering from soothing to electrifying.

Recorded last year at Ambient Sound studio in St Paul, Minnesota, even the EP artwork (courtesy of Paul R. Novak) suggests placid tones on first glance. But when the curtain raises, we’re quick to discover that Tallest Trees is not without dissonance.

Before the riffs and raps is this band’s real talking point. If you’ve played the track below past the first 30 seconds, you’ll have heard the vocal processing (or auto-tune, for simplicity sake).

After listening to the Tallest Trees nearly a dozen or so times, there’s no doubt that the vocal technique works for the band, even if it is a little angular at times. The application is more heavy-handed and consistent than fellow Minnesotan band, Poliça… but less than T-Pain.

Like it or not, there’s a future in this synthesized sound stuff.

‘Different Son Feat. Dem Atlas’

No one trick pony, Nick Whebbe (guitar), Paul Novak (bass) and Doug Deitchler (guitar, synth, percussion) create some tremendous sonic backdrops for Harry Reynolds’ vocals.

The guest performance by rapper Dem Atlas on ‘Different Son’, which was recently featured on Polkadot Mayhem’s “The Best Love is Free” compilation, also acts as a palette cleanser between regular scheduling.

The duality of organic instrumentation and seemingly looped sounds, the electronic turning over reminiscent of Radiohead’s Amnesiac (though less weird) against the highbrow pop sensibilities of Postal Service’s Give Up (though less twee), the EP is not unlike anything you’ve ever heard, but the the band is definitely it’s own creature.

Wrestling The Beast

Beasthead logo

“A “beasthead” is an icon that people use to worship the devil. However, we did not choose the name for that reason” – Vocalist Harry in a recent interview with Stubble Magazine

In short, Tallest Trees is a tough to pin down and that’s okay, the scenery is charming and musical classifications are not a requirement.

An interesting sound in a great package, it’s been a pleasure exploring this recording. Beasthead have their own stirring sound which is likely to delight those who venture.

The EP is available for free download via Bandcamp, or pick up a copy at one of their live shows.

BeastheadFrom the tip of 'Top of The Mountain', Beasthead paint a rolling picture of agreeable sound, veering from soothing to electrifying. Tallest TreesWritten by: Damian BurkeDate Published: 02/18/2014From the tip of 'Top of The Mountain', Beasthead paint a rolling picture of agreeable sound, veering from soothing to electrifying. 6.5 / 10 stars

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