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Republicans and Obamacare: Admitting They're Wrong? Not!

Posted on the 18 April 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
The silent surrender of a failed political illusion...when a fool refuses to admit defeat, he'll continue his foolish ways till someone who cares, bitch slap's him silly and tells him; "We lost! Cut your damn losses, and Live with it!"
Oh! you'll still going to have your crazy batshit sector of the Republican Party, who'll continue forever their hate mongering ways...taking turns on their 'Front Lines' while their fellow Tea Bag Hat Society members run to their doctor's appointment with their Obamacare Insurance on hand!
It's very embarrassing to roll-up the White Flag when you voted over 50 times to repeal the Act, constantly spewing all the ills perceived every time that TV Camera's light is on. And spend millions on Legal Court Challenges. All the $$$, the systematic dumbing down of their loyal minions, all the verbal hatred, scare tactics...and downright fear with all the "Death Panels" horseshit!!...courtesy of Alaska's version of the Louisiana Robertsons; when it comes to 'manure' Sarah Palin is an authority!
Now, you have that "Cleveland 2016 or Bust" Clown Car...all of them, on Double-talk mode. Their Mission: Avoid like the plague any questions on the subject of Health! If confronted? a short promo for their faithful flock; "Yea!!...Let's repeal Obamacare"!!
For the more sophisticated at Fundraisers? "I will repeal Obamacare so soon when I become President! fact, I will repeal Obamacare as I'm being sworn in"!! "Thank you!, thank you!, it's $50,000/guest and our Campaign 'does' take Credit and Debit!!...and American Express 'is' accepted!
Any other time...with the exception of Cruz're not going to catch a single one of them, even mentioning the Affordable Care Act! How are they going to respond when the Millions of Insured Recipients just keeps growing? How are they going to respond when the Uninsured Rate in America for Adults, is at 12%?...the lowest in recorded history! How are they going to respond that 22 Million Americans and growing are directly benefitting from the Affordable Care Act? And with the total costs much lower than projected? It's hard for cowards to admit defeat!!
Keith Brekhus writes; "Republican leaders have silently incorporated many of Obamacare’s main protections into their own counter-proposals" Those proposals, are known as the Hatch-Burr-Upton Plan. The GOP's proposal for America. Brekhus continued; "it can best be described as 'Obamacare light'. The Hatch-Burr-Upton plan includes guaranteeing coverage for pre-existing conditions, allowing young adults to stay on their parent’s plans and providing government subsidies to help low-income consumers purchase insurance, all key components of Obamacare"
Pretty much, they're going with Obamacare! ...but now! Obamacare is their idea!! Take the credit away from Obama, and proclaim themselves the Intellectual Saviour of the Masses...and how much they care for the common man! The Republicans latest strategy in the face of political reality; Their concern about income inequality, love thy neighbor mentality...yet, still intertwined with their long range goals of hate fear and control.
The Problem with the Republican Party is that the upper crust Conservative society of the GOP believes the horseshit their paid biotchs says; they're "America's Job Creators"...placed on a pedestal for a few bucks. The Second Problem: a Tea Party too ignorant to understand anything, except they hate a black man named Obama, and anything that has his name. They like the plan! the land of the stupids, the State formally known as Kentucky...they love "Kynect" because it's not Obamacare! Ah! yup!! Who said stupid is as stupid does? In Kentucky?...shhh! it's the Water.
Then the Third Problem: the old school Moderate Conservative base...who are on the outside looking in, and have been quite dissatisfied and embarrassed with the Party. Many of those have either left the GOP or have been sitting out the last 6 years! With a GOP Party split on Social Issues...and their inability for a consensus on the Health Care issue, it's a Party in disarray.
The ultimate surrender? Going home and confronting your Senior Citizen Parents and your In-Laws!...tell them you're going to take their Healthcare Insurance away! Deal with them! they're not your political audience, they know you much better!!
Republicans Admit Defeat and Silently Surrender In Their War On Obamacare

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