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Repost: Masculine Feminine Dualities Chart

Posted on the 10 February 2016 by Calvinthedog


This is a very popular post that is still being linked all over the web. I will repost it again because I believe many of you are new and you have not read it yet.

Go ahead and comment on it as there is a lot to comment on. You can say whatever you want. You can even say that this is sexist, well some women are like the masculine quality, some men are like the feminine quality, bla bla. That’s PC bullshit, but some of you SJW’s on here like to talk like that. As I said, I will not ban on these comments, but I will say in advance that that is a retarded critique of the post.

First of all, it’s not about men and women. It’s about the masculine spirit and the feminine spirit. Keep in mind that aspects of both the masculine and feminine spirits are probably present in most if not all humans. I agree with Weininger on that one.

So when your critique is, “Hey some women are like that male spirit,” or “Hey, some men are like that female spirit,” you are being an SJW retard, but that phrase is a redundancy. Let me reiterate this over and over: Masculine spirit does not = men. Feminine spirit does not = women! Got it, SJW’s? Any given man probably has some feminine spirit in him and may have a number of the attributes below. Any given women probably has some of the masculine spirit and may have any number of the masculine attributes below.

One way to look at this is to see this as a binary view of the universe. We can say that the universe is 50% masculine spirit and 50% feminine spirit. Neither one is better than the other, and in fact, they are quite complimentary and fit together like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

In fact, without each other, these spirits are rather bereft. For instance, if you are a man who lives only in the masculine half of the universe, that’s ok by me and a lot of men probably do just that. However, my point would be that you are only living in half the world. You are missing out on one half of the whole universe that you could be experiencing. Although it is fine with many folks to live in only half of the world and blow off the other half, personally I think you are living a somewhat diminished life by doing that.

I would also argue that these spirits modify each other. In parts of the world where there is excessive masculine spirit, there are all sorts of problems. I am sure you know what I am talking about. Latin America and the Arab and Muslim world, I am looking at you. These places are suffering from an imbalance of spirit. They need more feminine spirit to equalize matters and create a more harmonious society. As it is, they are out of balance.

Excessive feminine spirit doesn’t really work either. All-female workplaces are known to be nightmarish, and the women who work there will be the first to tell you so. The PC West currently suffers from excessive feminine spirit, and the results are not pretty in my opinion. This out of balance world has resulted in the growth of MRA’s, PUA’s, Game, Red pill, the Alternative Right, etc. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Remember? Works in sociopolitics as well.

Ultimately I would argue that when you have a true excess of feminine spirit, probably not a lot of work gets done, people are probably not very ambitious, there could be a lot of chaos and dysfunction in society and ultimately society pretty much falls apart. I believe that society must be run pretty much according to the masculine principle. The feminine principle can participate, but a collaborator with the ruling principle, not a competitor to it.

One way to divide the world is into masculine and feminine essences or spirits. Half of the world is the Masculine Spirit and the other half of the world is the Feminine Spirit. If a man only lives in the Masculine Spirit, he is missing out on half the world! Similarly, if a woman only lives in the Feminine Spirit, she too is blind to half of the world.

This post made a lot of women mad. They called it sexist and left the blog or got banned. Oh well. I happen to think there is something to this.

Feel free to comment. I think it is an interesting chart:

The first five principles are by Otto Weininger and are bolded, but the last 56 are by me.

Characters     Masculine   Feminine 


Activity       Active        Passive
Consciousness  Conscious     Unconscious
Thinking       Objective     Subjective
Genius         Yes           No
Productivity   Productive    Nonproductive
Energy         Generative    Receptive
Mind           Thinking      Feeling
Emotion        Stoic         Moody
Tactile        Callous       Sensitive
Humor          Slapstick     Irony
Weather        Calm          Unsettled
Temperature    Cold          Warm
Graph          Linear        Scatterplot
Empathy        Poor          Rich
Pain           Inflict       Receive
Confrontation  Forward       Withdrawal
Reaction       Contemplative Reactive
Style          Deliberative  Unthinking
Intensity      Concentration Distraction
Denial style   Projection    Fantasy
Egotism style  Narcissism    Histrionic
Pathology      Sociopath     Borderline
Defense        Anger         Denial
Ego desire     Expansion     Dissolution
Depression     Sublimation   Immersion
Reliance       Self          Others
Compassion     Little        Great
Wakefulness    Aware         Unaware
Alertness      Wide Awake    Sleepwalking
Planning       Methodical    Conspiring
Morality       Strict        Contingent
Aggression     Physical      Subterfuge
Violence       External      Internal
Warfare        Bully         Victim
Hierarchy      Dominant      Submissive
Force          Blunt         Subtle
Texture        Harsh         Smooth
Resistance     Extreme       Yielding
Linear         Straight      Jagged
Presentation   Forthright    Devious
Surface        Clear         Opaque
Understand     Simple        Complicated
Logic          Linear        Circular
Movement       Stiff         Flowing
Grain          Coarse        Fine
Instrument     Blunt         Subtle
Transport      Highway       Stream
Route          A to B        Roundabout
Tour           Autobahn      Scenic route
Flight         Soar          Flutter
Hobby          Monomania     Dilettante
Truths         Multiple      Singular
Theory         Branching     Obsessive
Fact           Durable       Momentary
Manichean      Yes           Grey Area
Systematics    Categorizing  Noncategorizing
Science        Empirical     Intuitive
Philosophy     Tough         Dream State
Ubermensch     More common   Less common
Body           Hard          Soft
Tissue         Sinewy        Fatty
Signal         Weathervane   Antenna
Telepathy      Illiterate    Mindreader
Broadcast      Subwoofer     Subliminal 
Travel         Itinerary     Lark  
Decision       Plotted       Whimsy
Confusion      Certainty     Perplexed
Party          Kegger        Cocktail  
Social         Optional      Mandatory
Sex            Compulsion    Choice
Intellectual   Paradise      Boredom
Bird           Hawk          Hummingbird  
Birdsong       Crow          Warbler 
Love           Auxiliary     Requirement 
Danger         Physical      Psychological 
Grudge         Discard       Retain  
Armistice      Reconcile     Cold Peace
Storm          Thunderstorm  Spring Shower
Communication  Telegraph     Epistolary novel
Law            Spirit        Letter
Style          Avant-garde   Fashion   

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