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Repost: Are Blacks Just as Intelligent as Whites?

Posted on the 24 July 2015 by Calvinthedog

Original post here.

This is another old post that was getting posted around today. The people who posted it, as usual, called me a “cracker” (give it up) and said I could barely write in English. Just the usual PC garbage.

However a commenter came to my defense and said that Lindsay focuses on racial differences, not things like anti-White racism, White genocide and extinction, the role of Jews in multiculturalism, etc. that the White nationalists focus on. This is correct. I could care less about White genocide and extinction, and I’m not extremely worked up over the role of Jews in racial politics. I’d rather talk about that shitty little country full of fascist squatters occupying other people’s land.

Also I would like to talk about race and racial differences in as nonracist a way as possible, assuming that can even be done, and actually it probably can’t be because you get called racist just for writing about this stuff in the first place.

But it’s a good goal. I would rather just talk about different races and perhaps discuss metrics and differences, but I’d prefer to leave judgements out of it. You won’t find me throwing up a bunch of race data and saying, “And that’s why Black people suck.” I would rather throw up the data and let other people discuss it. If some particular race is experiencing some sort of problems or difficulties, I would to try to figure out how we can get them to function better. Anyway, that’s my focus on this site in case anyone is interested.

Mike, you seem to think that I’m saying blacks are a different species. I’m not. The blacks I’ve been acquainted with have been no smarter or dumber than anyone else I know.

What gets my goat about your comments is that you’ve taken an equally offensive position by saying Africans are more evolved than Europeans, without even having had a major civilization technological advances to back it up (Egypt doesn’t count).

Basically, what it boils down to is: certain groups of Africans are evolved to run fast, run longer, rule the boxing ring and football field etc. Now if you agree with this statement, as you said you do, then it is reasonable to say certain groups of Asians and Whites are evolved to be better at maths and science, as they dominate both fields. Simply put, if Africans could, they would.

I would certainly disagree with this statement: The blacks I’ve been acquainted with have been no smarter or dumber than anyone else I know.

I have met a tremendous number of persons in my life, both White and Black. Surely it is in the 10’s of 1000’s. I used to teach school, whole classes of all Blacks, all Whites, all Japanese, all Jews, all Filipinos, all Samoans, whatever. If you have an open mind when you do this, behavior and intelligence differences between groups are so obvious that they leap out and hit you in the face.

Now previously, I believed that the races were all equal in intelligence. I believed that the IQ tests were biased and failed to accurately measure the intelligence of certain races like Blacks. In short, I was a typical liberal.

Nevertheless, I had an open mind, and I started studying racial differences in IQ all the way back in my late teens, probably spurred by my liberal mother, who always held that there were racial differences in intelligence.

My liberal father would not tolerate such talk and would start pounding the table and order everyone to shut up. “You don’t understand!” he would holler. “That means there’s no hope! That means there’s no hope!” What my father meant was that if the IQ tests were correct and Blacks were indeed ~13.5 points below Whites, then there was basically no hope for the Black race ever closing the gap, which probably seemed unlikely even to my father.

My liberal sister couldn’t handle it either. She would throw a yelling fit, call people racists and order everyone shut up. Everyone’s appetite would be ruined. She was the product of a Sociology degree at UC Santa Cruz (The People’s Republic of Santa Cruz), and that shows you what a degree from a place like that will do to your brain.

It was only after several years of teaching thousands of Blacks, Whites and others that I really started thinking about this stuff. It got so that as I saw the class filing in, looking at the ethnic (and gender) makeup, I could almost predict the intelligence levels and social behavior of the class. One wild card was gender with Blacks. Even in the heart of the ghetto, there are university level courses filled with Blacks. But they are almost all Black girls. There would hardly be a Black boy in the room. And the behavioral level of Black females, especially the brighter ones, was vastly better than Black males.

Then I really started doing some thinking, and I started printing out Richard Lynn’s work. I gave a printout of it to my mother once on a visit.

She was working for a psychologist who conducted testing for corporations. He also gave out a lot of IQ tests. He had given over 600 IQ tests in his time. He was very liberal and had always been taught that there were no differences between the races, but he was starting to wonder if it was true.

After he read Lynn’s work, he said to my mother, “You know, I have always wondered if this was true. They come in here from all walks of life, and I can almost predict the IQ when the person walks in. The Asians and Jews are the smartest, then the Hispanics and last are Blacks.

“Education doesn’t seem to have much to do with it. I ask these high IQ Asians, ‘So I guess you studied real hard in school, right? And they laugh and say, ‘Are you kidding? Why study? School was easy. We mostly screwed around, maybe study a little the night before a test.’ Then a lot of your 100 IQ types said they studied all the time but still got relatively poor grades. I started to question the idea that people were smart because they studied all the time.”

The psychologist said that Mormons were stupid. “Very nice people, the nicest people you’ve ever met,” he said. “But they sure are dumb. As dumb as rocks.”

During this period, I taught all different races in school for years and in addition dated a few Black women, including one with whom I had a long term relationship. She was a university grad, but she wasn’t all that smart. She was having me write her university English papers for her because basically she wasn’t smart enough to write them. And she was one of the smart ones.

My conclusion after dealing with tens of thousands of Whites and Blacks up close and personal is that the intelligence differences between the races are quite apparent. They are not immediately obvious, and many, many Blacks are “smart enough.” They are often excellent at basic intelligence, social intelligence, and reading people psychologically.

Quite a few Black males are great at fixing just about anything that needs fixing around the house. Obviously there are highly intelligent and intellectual Blacks (one is the co-owner of this site with me), but they are simply not that common.

The intelligence difference between Whites and Blacks is not immediately obvious just talking to various White and Black folks you may know. Black intelligence is such that it appears quite normal on the surface for some reason, probably because most casual interaction doesn’t require a whole lot of brains. Also there seems to be something to the notion that Blacks can “fake it” and seem a lot smarter than they are.

I am also ashamed to admit that a very large number of White people act very dumb in casual encounters, have little to no intellectual sense and have so little knowledge of current affairs that they seems like morons.

The B-W differences on the observational level only seem to come up after years of interaction and are most obvious on highly intellectually demanding tasks. For the vast majority of tasks needed to function in society, Blacks are perfectly smart enough.

My conclusion is that the ~1 standard deviation difference on IQ tests between Blacks and Whites is not just an artifact produced by biased testing, but is a real intelligence difference between the races. The reality of these test scores’ conclusion has been born out by my casual investigations in over fifty years of life, in which I concluded that Blacks are simply not as intelligent as Whites.

However, I am not certain what causes the difference in intelligence between Whites and Blacks. Perhaps it is genetic or biological or perhaps it is environmental. All I will say is that at the moment, Blacks on average are not as intelligent as Whites. Whether they will be able to close the difference in the future or whether the gap is closable at all are things I consider uncertain.

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