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By Mummyoftwo @RaspberryGiggle

Little Mr A has been feeling quite down recently, mainly through being overtired from school but he has also been feeling very jealous of Little Miss A and all the attention she obviously needs.  He has been wanting us to feed him and has insisted on watching CBeebies again, as well as wanting to be carried everywhere by his Daddy!

Last night was a particularly horrendous night with Little Mr A coming into our bed about 1 o’clock and refusing to leave us.

Today he asked to look at some of the old photos of him as a baby and, after I had shown him a few I dug out the DVD we had made of him of lots of videos when he was a baby.  He seemed to really enjoy watching it and I hope it has made him realize he was a baby once too and it is not that we don’t love him anymore, he just has to understand he is growing up and Little Miss A takes up lots of our attention.

'Little' Little Mr A

‘Little’ Little Mr A

We have had a much nicer evening with him, he had a fun bath, then we all snuggled on the bed to watch In the Night Garden and he went to bed without any fuss.

Looking back at his video was really nice for us too.  We had forgotten what he was like as a baby (a bit grumpy most of the time!) and have said we need to start taking more videos of both of them.  Photos are all well and good but they don’t always capture things as well as a video.

We have made a start tonight at bathtime…..


How did others cope with elder sibling jealousy?  Any tips to make him feel less left out?

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