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Remember That Time When...[dressing Room Incident]

By Alyssa_dld @alyssa_dld
Do you have a recurring dream that you always come back to when you are stressed/thinking/worrying about a certain situation?  One of my recurring dreams is that I show up someplace without clothes on or missing pants or with some other important clothing item missing. It usually occurs when I am going to a new place where I don't know many people, i.e. moving to college, transferring to a different college, starting a new job, meeting a new group of people. All my worrying about what people will think of me or how I will make friends manifests in my dreams as looking like a naked idiot.
All these dreams are fine and usually whatever I am worrying about goes off without a hitch.  I find all my classes okay, I find a friend, and all my coworkers like me because I bring them dessert.
But you know your life is truly awesome when embarrassing things happen in real life.  Don't worry, I didn't show up somewhere without clothes on.
Remember that time when...I was shopping with my mom looking for a dress or dresses for upcoming weddings.  We each picked out a few we liked and some others that were different and unique and fun to try on.  This is how most of my dress-shopping goes down: try on dress -> walk out of dressing room to show Mom -> she doesn't like it/I don't like it/it looks ridiculous/way too much cleavage/it doesn't fit/it's ugly -> go back to dressing room and take off dress.  Repeat 10x 20x.  Then leave without a dress.
Only I wish the trip had gone like that.  Instead it went somewhere along the lines of repeat the above sequence a bunch of times, then try on a dress with a pleated skirt, walk out of dressing room.  Twirl around only to hear the sound of my mom burst out laughing. Turns out the skirt had gotten in my underwear! And I was no showing off my designer crappy, cheap underwear off to the other patrons of the store.  I'm sure they did not expect to see that much of a show at Younkers that day. - I hope there's a support group that can help you overcome the tragedy of your wardrobe.
All I did was laugh because it was too ridiculous to be overly embarrassing.
And that is why my life is so awesome.  

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