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Remember That One Time My Stuffed Giant Bear

By Alyssa_dld @alyssa_dld
Sometimes I come up with these really great ideas to write about for "Remember that one time when" and then when I sit down to type, I can't remember any of them.  That is what is happening today.  I should get smart and start writing these ideas down when they come to me, but they usually strike randomly and I don't have my idea notebook with me.  I guess instead you suffer through whatever random memory I squeeze out at the moment.
Remember that one time you wanna buy this giant stuffed bear?  This past summer my friend non-engineer friend Laura came to visit me.  It just so happened that her visit coincided both the Taste of Chicago and Arlington Heights Frontier Days.  You can read all about our sweaty, sweltering heat adventures at the Taste of Chicago, but what I didn't tell you was the rest of the adventures that night.  The band Kansas was playing at Frontier Days so after some much needed showers we decided to trek down to the big ole' Frontier Days.  It was quite late when we arrived and the show was already started so it took a little bit of searching before we found a place to throw down our blanket and rest our weary legs.  The show wasn't really all that impressive mostly because it wasn't loud enough for us to really enjoy it.  Don't get me wrong, I really love me some Carry on my Wayward Son but it wasn't as awesome as I hoped it would be.
Once the show was over we decided to head back to the car.  Because I had parked at another parking lot a ways away, the option to get back was either to walk back in the dark or take the shuttle.  We opted for the shuttle because our legs were tired.  Or we were just being lazy.  So as we are standing at the corner where the  shuttle pick-up was located and up walks this very inebriated middle-age man.  He was hammered.  Right away he started asking questions, "Is this the shuttle stop?" "Does the shuttle pick us up here?"  "Where's the shuttle?"  We humored him for about two questions and then ignored him.
Approximately 5 minutes later some rowdy young boys show.  I'll guess about age 15 as they were definitely not old enough to drive.  One of these boys had a giant stuffed teddy bear that he won at one of those stupid fair games that are a waste of money.  I guess this kid decided he no longer wanted the over-sized bear.  He began trying to convince people around him to buy the bear off him.  Laura and I were having none of it, but drunk guy, well, drunk guy was really pondering it.  At first he offered him all the money he scrounged up out of his pocket which amounted to about $6.  But the kid wasn't having any of it.
Once the shuttle arrived the kid continued to take bids for the stuffed bear.  He even convinced the shuttle bus driver to join in on the bidding.  In the end, I was sure that the kid was stuck with the bear.  But just as we were pulling up to the parking lot, drunk guy decided to purchase the bear off the kid for $20.  Yes, $20.  He totally got ripped off.  He mumbled  something about giving the bear to his daughter.  In an ironic twist, the kid with the bear actually went to school with his daughter.
The drunk guy stayed on the bus with his $20 bear and was getting off at the next stop.  I sure hope he was walking home after that...with his bear.  And as Laura and I were pulling out of the parking lot I noticed the bear kid with his friends riding too small bikes.  No wonder he didn't want his giant bear.
The moral of the story is never buy a stuffed animal off a kid for $20.  Ever.

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