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  • The One True Church

    True Church

    I can see how it might be possible for a man to look down upon the earth and be an atheist, but I cannot conceive how a man could look up into the heavens and... Read more

    The 21 January 2015 by   Ldsapologetics
  • Quote for Day: Should Our Highest Value Be Free Speech Or Love, Kindness,...

    Quote Day: Should Highest Value Free Speech Love, Kindness, Generosity, Respect Others?

    Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor of Tikkun, on the way in which the media are treating free speech as an absolute value, and the highest in the canon of values, in... Read more

    The 10 January 2015 by   William Lindsey
  • Baking Bread, Creating Home

    Baking Bread, Creating Home

    I walk into our Cambridge apartment and immediately feel a sense of panic. I know this feeling too well. It’s the feeling I get when I come home and it doesn’t... Read more

    The 21 January 2015 by   Marilyngardner5
  • Abby Zimet on How "Fabulous Media Success" of "American Sniper" Story Highights...

    Abby Zimet "Fabulous Media Success" "American Sniper" Story Highights America's Moral Failings

    On Tuesday, I linked to Chris Hedges's powerful statement about how "American Sniper" lionizes what is worst in American culture — "the gun culture, the blind... Read more

    The 29 January 2015 by   William Lindsey
  • Worn Out Religion

    Worn Religion

    Truth claims are integral to religions. No one would join a religion not declaring itself to be true. Some months ago, I posted about the store True Religion... Read more

    The 11 January 2015 by   Steveawiggins
  • The Word Of Wisdom: Commandment Or Not?

    Word Wisdom: Commandment Not?

    Many people have said that the Word of Wisdom is a commandment yet the actual revelation says otherwise: Verse 2 says"To be sent greeting; not by commandment... Read more

    The 26 January 2015 by   Ldsapologetics
  • Remembering Mario Cuomo: Issue That Above All Others Defines His Legacy Was...

    Remembering Mario Cuomo: Issue That Above Others Defines Legacy Opposition Death Penalty

    John Nichols's eulogy for Mario Cuomo at The Nation is the best I've yet read. I like how Nichols gets that Cuomo's political vision was deeply informed by a... Read more

    The 03 January 2015 by   William Lindsey
  • RESPONDblog: Is Jesus Birth Really Prophesied in the Old Testament?

    RESPONDblog: Jesus Birth Really Prophesied Testament?

    Happy 2015 – hope it’s a good one for you! During the Christmas period, I heard this verse from Matthew’s Gospel being read during the Carol services I attended... Read more

    The 05 January 2015 by   Stuart_gray
  • Money


    is a funny thing It fills you full of fear Especially when the car plays up And holidays draw near The Lord is king of everything Except our pile of cash And... Read more

    The 18 January 2015 by   Mike Bullock
  • Grin and Bear It

    Grin Bear

    The dentist’s chair is about the last place I’d like to spend my Saturdays, but given my work schedule there are few alternatives. Read more

    The 04 January 2015 by   Steveawiggins


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