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Relations Between Southern Chinese and Southeast Asians

Posted on the 21 May 2015 by Calvinthedog

Ken writes:

I’m not a Han Chinese guy, so i have no reason to be a Han supremacist. I have never been to Southern China or Vietnam so i have no personal opinions about the similarities or differences in their physical features. However, there seems to be a larger genetic distance between the Viets and Southern Chinese, than there is between the Northern and Southern Chinese. On the other hand, this is just one study – maybe there are other studies out there claiming that the Southern Chinese are closer to the Vietnamese than they are to the Northern Chinese(?)

I have seen many studies showing a very close relationship between the Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino and Southern Chinese people. In particular, Vietnamese and Cantonese often plot very close together. It was very tempting to create a Vietnamese-Cantonese Race.

I saw one study that showed a very close linkage between Hong Kong Chinese, Taiwanese aborigines and Filipinos. In fact you could even call them a micro-race. Han asshole flipped out at me for linking the Hong Kongers with those inferior Ami aborigines and especially with the lowly Filipinos.

When I was working on my Major and Minor Races of Man piece, I wanted to split some races in SE Asia. But the differences between the Thai, Lao, Viets and Filipinos and the Southern Chinese were so small that I was always tempted to put them into a single race. The distance between the 4 former groups and the Southern Chinese so always quite low. The Khmer and especially the Malay and Indonesians were quite a bit further away from the Southern Chinese.

Maybe the Northern and Southern Han are even closer than the Thai, Lao, Viets and Filipinos are to Southern Chinese.

Dai is nothing but the base of many SE Asian people. The base of the Indonesian people is called Proto-Dai. These people moved down massively into SE Asia, Indonesia and the Philippines in connection with glacial flooding 15,000 YBP.

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