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Regardless of Advice Given, Go With Your Gut

By Bren @Virtual_Bren

Even at the ripe old age of 45, almost 46, I am still learning so much about people and relationships.  Those who have been following my site for quite some time know I’m pretty much an open book. I believe in blogging about my personal life experiences in hopes that other will relate and maybe find comfort from my experiences. Some people have contacted me to let me know that my stories have helped them through their own turmoil. Do you know what an awesome feeling that is?

Regardless of Advice, Go With Your Gut

Ok, let’s move onto my post.

Regardless of Advice Given, Go With Your Gut!

Over the past six (6) months, my own personal relationship has had many ups and downs, as many of you already know. It has given me the opportunity to open up to the world via my blog as well as my short story that I wrote and published. For me, I find sharing my experience and my story therapeutic.

During this time many of you have offered words of wisdom, loving support, and other opinions and for that I am hugely thankful for having such wonderful friends as y’all.

However, what I also found out is people handle situations differently based on their own personal experiences. If you, as a woman, have been betrayed in the past and you and your spouse separated and/or divorce, you may be more likely to tell me to kick mine to the curb. On the other hand, if you have experienced a betrayal, overcame it, found forgiveness and now have a loving relationship, you may advise me to stick it out, work on the relationship and see what happens.

It’s been very interesting to see the varied comments on my site and in our Private Facebook Group. Again, I am very thankful for all of you who have shared advice and your opinions on my situation.

Unfortunately, you only know as much as I tell you or someone tells you and haven’t actually been walking in those “shoes” so it may be difficult to judge the full relationship as a whole. And that is true for anyone’s relationship. You hear bits of pieces of what has transpired but only the two parties involved know the whole truth and the history within.

It’s easy to offer advice of what you think the person should do in whatever particular situation they have shared with you. Just as well, it is easy to judge someone for the decisions they make after said advice is given.

Regardless of Advice, Go With Your Gut

Isn’t it our responsibility as friends to support one another and whatever decision they make even if it doesn’t agree with what you would have done? I’m not even talking specifically relationships. This could be in every day decisions. A young teenager gets pregnant and is offered advice ranging from keeping the child to aborting it. A person is offered a job that will cause them to relocate oversees and is offered advice from take the job and run to “you’d be stupid to make a move like that.”

As adults isn’t the best thing to do, if we “air” our business to the world, take the advice into consideration, however, the decision is ultimately yours.

Regardless of Advice Given, Go With Your Gut!

Only YOU know the whole story and your decision will only affect YOU!

Go With Your Gut!

Now I turn it over to you, have you had to make life altering decisions, been offered advice by many, and then just went with your gut? Then you find out your friends are angry with you because you didn’t take their advice?

Let’s discuss!


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