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Recycling Hermes: Petit H

By Mollyfergurson @mprettystylish
Anyone who appreciates a good handbag most likely dreams of having a Birkin (I sure do). When an Hermes Birkin bag leaves the factory it has been checked, re-checked, and literally looked at under a magnifying glass to make sure every stitch is absolutely perfect before it’s sold. 
So….what happens to a product if it doesn’t exactly pass the ‘white glove’ test, or too many pieces have been produced?? It becomes part of Petit H.
The official blurb on Petit H from Hermes is:"Petit h", a new branch of the Hermes Group, recovers materials and objects that have been put aside in workshops and other production sites of the Hermes group, examines them, values them, and gives them new life."
These items are sold during flash sales only in the Hermes network of boutiques. Check out their rotating inventory of items available online: Hermes 
Recycling Hermes: Petit H

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