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Recipes for Disaster

By Molly @MKPappas

Happy Friday, lovely friends! :-* I don’t know about you, but this week feels like it flew by – which is great because that means the long weekend is thisclose.  There has just been so much going on, having a weekend with nothing planned and beautiful weather to look forward to (at least Sunday and Monday) is quite welcomed. Anyone have anything fun going on for Memorial Day??

Before I can get to my weekend of nothingness, I have to wrap up all my lingering work, both media relations & personal training-related.  So I woke up a little early this morning and ate breakfast while working on a week of workouts for one of my online clients.

Overnight oats in a PB jar!

Overnight oats in a PB jar!

Holy deliciousness! I hadn’t made overnight oats in awhile; I don’t even have much food in my apartment right now. But I had an empty jar of peanut butter, some yogurt and oatmeal. Super simple and super tasty.

PB Jar Overnight Oats

You need:

  • Empty nut butter jar (Justin’s Almond Butter is a GREAT one!)
  • 1/2 cup of plain yogurt (I use So Delicious Coconut Milk Yogurt – I used to be a big fan of Chobani until I read this and this)
  • 1/3 cup dry oatmeal

Mix the plain yogurt and oatmeal directly in the PB jar and leave overnight in the fridge. I add a touch of almond milk in the morning to break up a little of the consistency.

Delish! :)

As I was eating the oats, and praising my simple but tasty recipe, I thought about some of the other recipes I’ve put together (…they weren’t always good). I dug up a few photos I found stored (read: hidden away) on my computer. While I should feel shame and not share these, I just can’t help it. Some of them are SO bad.

My disastrous recipes


I’m really curious to see if any of you can guess what that actually is. But because I’m not patient enough to wait, I’ll just tell you… it’s a calzone. A home-made gluten free chicken and broccoli calzone. In my defense, I didn’t really cook then, nor was I skilled enough in the slightest to cook “home-made” anything. I’ll also argue that gluten free flour and bread products  stink, soooo….

Yeah, I got nothin’.


This isn’t bad so much as REALLY bright. I contemplate sending it in to be included in one of those “Pinterest Fail” lists because that’s kind of exactly what it is. A few Christmases ago, Justin and I were responsible for making a fruit salad for a family holiday party. This was around the time I was using Pinterest heavily and thought I could make ALL THE THINGS! This really colorful, pretty fruit salad looked easy enough to make – I mean, you’ve got 2 self-sufficient adults “assembling” this together. How hard could it be, right??

Neither of us really thought about the fact that all the fruit we picked up were either green or orange. This didn’t lend to a very colorful fruit salad.

Also, we had WAY too much of it and were stuck eating fruit at every meal for a week.


I think this is a paleo pancake with almond butter smothered on top. I guess this isn’t really a recipe disaster so much as a lesson in not taking pictures of your food with your iPhone.


I like to think I’m a lot better with cooking/baking and recipes, and food photo taking, at least for the sake of those of you reading my blog. Feel some comfort in the fact that I REALLY love food and all of my “experiments” are well-intentioned in bringing you delicious, healthy recipe and meal ideas! I apologize in advance for any future recipe disasters :P

I'm a carrot!!

I’m a carrot!!

Question of the day:
What recipe have you totally butchered? Have you ever committed any type of “Pinterest Fail”?

Recipes for Disaster

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