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Recipease - Jamie Oliver & Farfetch

By Yummei @yummmei
With the holiday season fast approaching, it's high time to learn a few cooking tips that make you look like a real chef whilst in reality you can barely even toast bread properly. 
Am I right? Thought so.
Walk with me...Recipease - Jamie Oliver & Farfetch
The fine folk from Farfetch invited me to Jamie Oliver's Recipease, for a cooking lesson on Mexican Street Food.
The beauty of Recipease is that Jamie wanted to create easy-to-learn "buzzing little community hub" with courses focusing on specific dishes. There's a little something for everyone from from the complete novice to the supreme chef inside of you. It's a place to gain new skills, get inspired and make delicious food.
Recipease - Jamie Oliver & Farfetch
I used to watch Jamie Oliver's 15minute meals and then struggle to recreate his masterpieces in the mission impossible time frames he set.
Recipease - Jamie Oliver & Farfetch
With our chef aprons, and sharpened cleavers at the ready; it was time to get stuck in to our Mexican Street Food class. 
Recipease - Jamie Oliver & Farfetch
Recipease - Jamie Oliver & Farfetch
Recipease - Jamie Oliver & Farfetch
Recipease - Jamie Oliver & Farfetch
Our gracious Chef mentor for the evening would give us a 10 minute demo instructing us on what we to do, then we went off in our teams of two to replicate.
In true MasterChef eviction style.
Game on.
Choose your comrade wisely.
Recipease - Jamie Oliver & Farfetch
We were tasked to make soft corn, hand-pressed tortillas with 3 different toppings.
1) Sticky smoked chipotle chicken
2) Sautéed spinach with herbs and feta cheese
3) Spicy roasted corn salsa
With a side of smashed guacamole and tomato salsa.
Recipease - Jamie Oliver & Farfetch
Ready steady go!
Recipease - Jamie Oliver & Farfetch
We all channelled our inner-Jamie Oliver and were slicing and dicing our onions like true samurai.
With multiple pans and saucepans ablazing, we were searing chicken in one, and frying our sweet corn with onions.
Recipease - Jamie Oliver & Farfetch
Recipease - Jamie Oliver & Farfetch
It finally happened.
We were CHEFS.
Recipease - Jamie Oliver & Farfetch
Look at me go with my samurai sword for a knife. (If only it was just as sharp as one)
Recipease - Jamie Oliver & Farfetch
The finished product looked as if it belonged in the pages of a magazine...
Hahhaha okay...
Maybe not...
Everything looks and tastes so much better when you make it yourself.
So bask in that sense of accomplishment.
You've earned it.
Recipease - Jamie Oliver & Farfetch
Once you finish cooking, you get to indulge your creations.
Whilst grinning ear to ear as everyone oohs and ahh's at your culinary skills.
Recipease - Jamie Oliver & Farfetch
Just look at these little guys.
Can't believe making tortillas were so easy, just a little polenta flour, water, coriander, salt and pepper and BOOM. 
You have tortillas!
Recipease - Jamie Oliver & Farfetch
Proud to say that we made this in record timing of just 30minutes cooking time.
I'm ready for my 15minute meal challenge now.
Recipease - Jamie Oliver & Farfetch
Recipease - Jamie Oliver & Farfetch
Thank you Farfetch & Recipease by Jamie Oliver for such an insightful evening.
I know I definitely picked up a skill or two that evening.
92-94 Notting Hill Gate,
W11 3QB
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