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Recipe: Discovering Sunbutter

By Uwbrooke

Since turning into a Paleo junkie, I have heard more praises for Sunbutter than any other food that my fellow Paleo comrades consume on a regular basis: “SUNBUTTER! I LOVE SUNBUTTER!” “You haven’t tried Sunbutter yet?!” “I don’t know how I lived without Sunbutter!”  I didn’t buy the hype.  I had replaced peanut butter with almond butter and was completely happy with the change.  Sure, almond butter doesn’t lend the depth of flavor I typically enjoy with a microwaved banana, but it did the job.  I didn’t need to shell out for Sunbutter.

I was wrong.  I found myself combing Whole Foods yesterday for coconut oil products and flowers when I realized that I was almost out of my handy-dandy almond butter.  I made it to the proper aisle and found myself face-to-face with Sunbutter.  I picked up the bottle, pondered why there was a picture of a raccoon on the jar for a brief moment, and put it in my basket.  Why not give it a shot?  I got home and substituted the Sunbutter in my favorite banana snack…

Recipe: Discovering Sunbutter

Really? A raccoon prepping toasted jam?!

…and then my life changed.  Sunbutter is amazing! Rich nutty flavor and stick-to-your-gums goodness abounds with every bite.  I have been taken in hook, line and sinker – almond butter, you’ve been good to me but I’m getting down with the raccoon-cartoon-laded jar of Sunbutter from here on out.  I can’t wait to try it in chocolate form (once the Whole 30 is done in SEVEN days!), whip it into what looks to be the most amazing breakfast of all time (again, once the Whole 30 is done in SEVEN days!), and then have a delicious and completely guiltless burger for dinner – all in the same day.  Call me obsessed.  Call me a nut butter fiend.  Call me crazy.  Just go to Whole Foods and pick up a jar of this God’s nectar first.  You will not regret it.

Recipe: Discovering Sunbutter

SB & Bacon Sandwich


1 banana

1 piece of crispy bacon

2 tsp. Sunbutter (or more… I’m not here to judge you)


1) Cut your banana in half lengthwise.  Line each cut side with Sunbutter before placing bacon on top of one slice.  Close your banana sandwich, cut into pieces and serve.

Total time: 5 minutes MAX

Serves: one delicious snack

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