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REC CENTER: Eric’s Picks for 4/3/13

Posted on the 03 April 2013 by Mattneric @matt_cj

I haven’t had any coffee yet. I have no theme for this playlist in mind. My fingers are just hitting keys on the keyboard, kind of like how a chicken’s body will flail after its head is cut off. Why is the Keurig so far away? Why is it raining? Why doesn’t anyone watch “Happy Endings” except me?

Here’s three songs that are songs made of music.

The 1975 — “Sex”
Shout out to the elegant Tim for introducing me to this band. How would you describe their sound? The Smiths have a baby with Two Door Cinema Club, but they give it up for adoption and it’s raised by its gay uncles, Pet Shop Boys and The Wombats. The 1975 are splendid and you love them.

The Story So Far — “Mt. Diablo”
This is the musical equivalent of setting a Buick on fire and watching it burn from the top of a parking garage. At sunrise.

Dolly Parton — “Mule Skinner Blues”
Be more perfect, Dolly Parton. Oh right, you can’t be, because you’re Dolly Parton and you have your own theme park. (Has anyone ever been? I really want to go.)

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