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Reasons – Why Is Everyone Talking About Early Childhood Toys ?

By Themommytale

I have a fond memory of my daughter's childhood when we were out for shopping and she was acting very cranky. Suddenly I heard giggles and squeals of laughter and we were pleasantly surprised by her behavior. We started again with our shopping and moved her pram a bit and there she goes again and starts crying. This was really surprising and when I noticed her innocent eyes moving on the shelf of toys I came to know that is what was attracting her. Indeed childhood and toys have a strong connection and a very innocent bond with each other. When a child is unwell, not in good mood or feeling depressed just gift a toy and see the difference. Initially, when my first child was born I was a bit skeptical on buying toys often. Over a period of time, I heard a lot about toys and their impact in early childhood I started exploring the world of toys. I wished to know the answers of Why Is Everyone Talking About Early childhood toys?

Toys are not only for fun or to make a child happy. But, It is, even more, to provide an opportunity for a child to learn something new. A toy for a child is no more like we say "big deal that's a child's play". But, trust me it's really not that easy. Toys play an important role in overall development and growth.f

Here are the Reasons Why Is Everyone Talking About Early childhood toys and the important role they play in the overall child development.

1. Educational impact of Early childhood toys.

Early childhood education is a domain of education which deals in educating young children from 0 to 8 formally and informally. Early childhood play holds its importance on three aspects 1. Skills development 2. social development and 3. Imagination and creativity enhancement.

Toys play important role in skill development aspect of early childhood play. I remember my daughter during her infant phase always look for the rattle and start shaking it. The coordination of movement of hands, a color of rattle and sound is the first lesson a baby learns from an early childhood toy. Like this, there must be many examples which you as a parent know by observing your child.

The young child always loves to explore and practice with the toys. They see toys as a mission to be achieved for which they continuously work, struggle, explore, touch and feel the toy. A child put continuous effort to practice that one required skill to achieve the mission and acquire the learning outcome. This is the reason most of the time a child remain as close as he can with a toy and once the mission is achieved he will look for something new.I always plan and prefer buying toys that lead to skill development for my child.

2. Toys selection for babies and toddlers :

Baby has just arrived at the world and she has so much to do and explore in from of her. Sound, Colour, new face, texture, object everything fascinates a baby. Baby's loves rattle, or toys they do movements with sound. This helps in hands and eye coordination. The colors and movements these toys also help in the development of vision. Gradually as they learn and grow they learn to feel the textures, weight, and nature of objects with the help of toys.

While selecting a right toy for baby always make sure they are of lightweight, no sharp edges and made of good quality materials. Toddlers have a tendency to throw everything comes in their hands. So I always prefer buying non-breakable toys for my toddler.

Shape sorters and activity boards of good quality are amazing toys for toddlers. These help toddlers learn by matching shapes and colors as well as develops fine motor skills. Skola toys are designed in a way to support motor skills and equally helps a child to learn about shapes, symmetry, and colors.

3. Toys selection for preschoolers:

Kids are introduced to the world of alphabets and numbers as they arrive in preschool phase. There are many ways and toys available for preschooler activities. A child who has just begun a school will show more interest towards educational toys and learning materials.

Alphabet flash cards, Number matching activities are just perfect for preschooler child. The educational toys not only help the child in developing her interest but she also feels close pays attention towards her classroom activities in school.

4. Importance of toys in the overall development of a child.

Many scholars and researchers explained that Early childhood toys continuously improve the skills and give quality learning to prepare a child for future. I believe that Early childhood toys are the instruments to play and learn that help child in exploring the world around them.

Motor Skills - Kids employ their gross motor skills by playing with toys by physical activity. A child feels and makes connect by touching and observing this helps in the development of fine motor skills.

By playing with a toy car or dressing a doll they develop overall balance and coordination of the body.

Social Skills - Toys helps a child to interact and learn languages. As a Mom I always tell my kids to share, cooperate and keep their toys safely. This also helps them understand the value of things in life.

Cognitive development - Games and toys are the best way to engage kids. Toys help a child in improving concentration and memory. I remember I got new puzzle game for my daughter and she played the game twice and learned the pattern so quickly.

5. Tips for choosing a right toy for your child.

I am sharing some tips on how to choose right Early childhood toys for your child.

    • Always look for age appropriate or age wise toys for your child. Each toy pack has age group mentioned on the top. You can refer to that so that your child gets valued learning from the toy you buy for her.
    • Do not force a toy on a child. Try and understand her preference. This will not only help a child in decision making but, it will also help in bringing the most of her interest.
    • For Toddlers, I would suggest buy open ended toys. Toddlers have a tendency to assemble and disassemble the toys this always help them in learning and a good way to keep them engaged. Skola toys has a very good variety in this range.
    • I would like to suggest trying for branded products. Most of the big brands do a research before they bring toys to the market. They bring new and well-planned learning material for your child in the form of toys.
    I would suggest always try and get eco-friendly, fire resistant and no chemical toys. This helps you ensure the safety of your child.A child has so much to explore in this universe.

Whenever I bring a toy for my daughter. Her one smile, the confidence on her face that she will explore something new. That one hug she gives me with a big thank you. That one moment is filled with love and helps me as a parent to make our bond stronger and to spend a quality time with her.

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