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Reap What You Sow, Hollande

Posted on the 16 November 2015 by Calvinthedog
France created ISIS and supported Al |Qaeda, ISIS and all the rest from Day One.

France created ISIS and supported Al Qaeda, ISIS and all the rest from Day One. Nits make lice. France birthed the nits, now the lice have infested their heads. No sympathy.

Why would I feel sorry for the French?

France created ISIS.

France, along with the rest of the West, Turkey and the Gulf states have been funding Al Qaeda and like groups since 2007. Even after the Paris bombings, Hollande still insisted that Assad must go. Even after he bombed Raqqa, Hollande was still insistent on regime change. “This will get Assad to go to the negotiations table,” he said. What an idiot! How is bombing ISIS in Raqqa going to force Assad to negotiate?!

Burn in Hell Hollande! Hollande is the worst. He’s cancer.

Screw France. France created and then helped arm, fund and train Al Qaeda, ISIS and similar groups, and now the Frankenstein that France created turns around and attacks the French mad scientists who created him.

No sympathy. Why should I feel sympathy towards these people? They created ISIS, and then ISIS attacked them. I should feel bad for them why?

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