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Real Or Fake?

By Fashiontofood @FashiontoFood
Hello dear readers,
If you didn't know, you will now. I have a total crush on Ryan Gosling. The hunky Canadian just makes my heart melt ... He is the only Ryan for moi! AND... Just when I thought he couldn't possibly be any cooler, a video has surfaced that shows Ryan Gosling randomly breaking up a fight between a street vendor and a New Yorker.  How did I ever miss this?
Ryan just shows up, drops his bags and puts his muscles right in the middle of two New Yorkers throwing light jabs at each other. You'd have to be a brave man to do that and Ryan doesn't let us down. Is there a chance that this is a PR stunt? If I were his publicist, this would be a dream come true. Not only did the video spread virally (and made Ryan into a superhero) but he also made it on the evening news - not just the entertainment bit.
Then again, if this was a stunt, it'd be hard to pull off and come with huge risks. TMZ could easily bribe one of the participants to get the "real" story and all of a sudden, heroic Ryan is nothing more than a charlatan. And that's a very real PR mess that they'd have to clean up. I think Ryan is just a nice guy who, unlike the idiots standing around and watching, actually gets involved and stops the fight. What a guy! Men: take lessons from Mr. Gosling. The city of New York is a safer place thanks to him...
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