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Real Mums Series - Introducing the Beautiful Bron from Flat Bum Mum

By Lollicious @lollicious

Each month Bron from Flat bum Mum and I (Mrs.Lauren.Roney) will be interviewing a Mummy on our blogs and chatting on Facebook in our newly created group The Laundry Lounge. Here we will be chatting about the issues that matter most to Mummies and women alike, and the silly, fun and crazy too. We will meet on the 25th of each month to chat but don't worry we are open 24/7 for everything else. We have also created the hashtag #realmummoments for you all to hashtag all your crazy, fun, lovely Mum moments shared on Instagram.

Real Mums Series - Introducing the Beautiful Bron from Flat Bum Mum

Want to know a little more about this Stylish lady with the most fabulous hair going around. a gorgeous Mum of three, husband to one?

Simply keep reading my lovelies.

Real Mums Series - Introducing the Beautiful Bron from Flat Bum Mum

Hi I'm Bron. Chief blogger at Flat Bum Mum. I'm so excited to be working with Lauren from Sand
Castles and Paper Crowns to bring you our new Monthly Mothers Group series. Today we are
introducing ourselves so you can learn a little more about what makes these two mummies tick.
I am a mum of three gorgeous girls. A set of identical twins who turn 6 this year and a fiery three
year old with a 'Frozen' addiction. My husband works full time and studies part time which means
our dining table becomes a work zone most nights.
I started Flat Bum Mum this year to get in touch with other mums and non-mums ready to improve
their personal style. My aim is to create a space where we can admit the truth about ourselves, own
it, and then find fabulous ways to style it. It's called Flat Bum Mum because that's exactly what I am.
I can dream of being Beyonce. I can dream that abs will appear on my wobbly waistline overnight
but the reality is I am the owner of a flat butt, saggy rack and mum gut....and I am going to style the
hell out of what I've got!

So here are some insights into my views about....

I am not obsessive about cleaning. I like things to be tidy but not spotless. If benches are cluttered
and piles are multiplying I start to get a bit edgy. I try to do little tidy-ups during the day and then
leave the big stuff for the weekend (when I can rope my husband in).
My hierarchy of cleanliness is as follows:
Is everyone alive? Successful day (have a wine and move onto step two).
Is my house a health hazard? Nope (good girl!)
Are the visible areas tidy? If not - Quickly pick up crap and dump in a washing basket, wash dishes,
wipe benches and contemplate your relationship with the Dyson.
Can I get away without Vacuuming? -This question is on very high rotation. If not - Break out the
Dyson, vac the main areas (I even vac the couch - I don't change to the fancy upholstery brush head
because it does nothing)
How is the dunny skid mark, kid wee-droplet situation? Blast some bleach into that thing and give it
a good scrub and wipe down. I also get great satisfaction from dusting the top of the dunny. Don't
know why but it just makes things feel so sanitized in there. Until the next bowel-movement.
Washing Pile- Assess the damage. Stick a load on. You know there is always a load. Dread the
moment when that stupid washing machine beeps at me and won't shut up until I go and open his
little door. Pushy white goods!
I had a cleaner for a while when the twins were babies. It was AMAZING. When I take over the
world with Flat Bum Mum a cleaner is top on my list.

Real Mums Series - Introducing the Beautiful Bron from Flat Bum Mum

There is no budget in my life for day spas, manicures and massages so I have to find my 'me time'
where I can.
In the early years I found the easiest way to get "me time" was to take the babies for a walk. It got
me out of the house, cleared the mental cobwebs away and it also helped take off a few of those
baby kilos.
Now 'me time' is caught when and where I can. I crave quiet and so anywhere without noise makes
me very happy. A car ride without children or a wander through the shops alone can be enough to
recharge my batteries. I also try to exercise each day to keep the brain fog away and this gives me a
little bit of time away from the kids.

Real Mums Series - Introducing the Beautiful Bron from Flat Bum Mum

There have been many times since I became a mum that I have doubted myself, dropped my bundle,
stuffed up and let the s**t hit the fan. In my head I am a super fit Michelle Bridges, compassionate
like Mother Theresa, with the soft gentle valium voice of a Kinder Teacher. In my head I cook fancy
paleo-inspired sugar free masterpieces for us to feast on whilst teaching my children three
In reality I spend most of each day frazzled, tired and exhausted. I yell at the kids, I allow TV,
packaged food and sometimes forget to read a story at night. I am doing the best I can.
When a shitty patch hits I try very hard to ride the wave. I may drink more wine, eat more chocolate
and exercise less. I may stay up late because I am grumpy and I can't drag myself from the couch to
bed. I may snap at people and crave more alone time. Eventually the patch will pass. Eventually
things will return to some kind of normal. Some patches are a flash in the pan, while others extend
well beyond their use by date.

Real Mums Series - Introducing the Beautiful Bron from Flat Bum Mum

I am VERY lucky. I have a job where I can work casually, get paid well and leave at 3.45. I am an
emergency teacher at the moment but since I had my kids I have worked part time as a Grade 6
Teacher, an Art Specialist and Grade 2 Teacher. I found working Part-time really tough. I now enjoy
the flexibility of teaching one or two days a week and having time to work on other important things
on my days of (Like avoiding cleaning or a spot of sneaky clothes shopping on my way to Coles.)
Trying to turn up to a job when you have young kids is DIFFICULT! It is a brain drain. It takes so much of your energy to remember how to do the things that were once second nature to you and its
embarrassing to have to admit that you are now the person that you dreaded when you were a
spritely 20 year old. Making comments like "I can't remember the password" or "How do I open this
document?" make you cringe but if you didn't ask you would still be sitting and looking at a blank
screen at quitting time.
I would love the financial freedom of working more but for now I love the opportunity to walk to
school with my kids and hear about their lives. To visit the milk bar after school for a sneaky calippo
or paddle pop together and be around for sick kids without feeling guilty about not being at work.

I have done weight watchers after all my babies to get my weight back. I KNOW Weight Watchers
works for me and I managed to lose 20 kilos twice with this program. I also did two rounds of Michelle Bridges 12WBT and I found this program was AMAZING for kicking off the last couple of kilos. The weekly videos really get you thinking about your goals. I am currently trying the 5:2 diet again. I started it last year and then lost a bit of enthusiasm over the New Year period but I have started back on it again. I really enjoy the mental clarity that I get on this program. I find I am more aware of my hunger and make healthier choices all round when I eat the 5:2 way. I go to my local gym most mornings during the week and let the group fitness instructors tell me what to do. I work much harder if someone else is telling me what to do. If it was me alone in the gym I would fluff around and waste my time. My favourite classes are Spin, Special Forces (A High intensity circuit class), and GRIT (30 minutes of torture for serious gain). I am also partial to some yoga and of course I love running (Even though I may be in a running slump at the moment.)and GRIT (30 minutes of torture for serious gain). I am also partial to some yoga and of course I love running (Even though I may be in a running slump at the moment.)

Bron is a seriously amazing lady, I trully feel lucky to have met her through social media and I am so excited I can shre her sparkle with you..
Want to see more of Flat Bum Mum??

and dont forget to check out The Laundry Lounge xxx

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