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Rati Suggests Some of The Best Eyshadow Primers For Us

By Shoppingaholic @shoppingaholicc
According toOne of the top beauty bloggers of India, Rati Tehri Singh, these are the best eyeshadow primers. If you are an advanced beginner makeup-lover, then I am sure you have already started wondering about primers - face and eyes both. But it is obvious that you got overwhelmed after reading all the best eye-shadow primers we have available in India and where to start with. This is exactly what it's about!!   So, I am also an advanced beginners in makeup and I know what goes where. I recently bought NYX eye-shadow Base from India's best beauty website and wondering if I made the right choice. As you guys are aware how much I believe in Law of Attraction and the fact that when asked, Universe always replies, I bumped into Rati's Instagram Stories. There she talked about all the best primers and it approved of my choice. Yipee!!  

4 Best Eye Primes We Must Give A Try

  According to one of the top beauty bloggers Rati Tehri Singh, these are the best eye primers.
  1. MAC PaintPot
  2. Urban Decay Eye shadow primer
  3. Too Faced Shadow Insurance
  4. NYX Eyeshadow Primer

  I have been following Rati's blog for years and like many, and I have seen her transformation and I admire her expertise in makeup. Hence, I would definitely give the other three a shot in future. I already have my views on NYX primer but that in the other post.   Talking about Rati, is a true inspiration!! May we all see our lives transform like her!! If you haven't read her blog yet, you must!!
  Before you go -   What is the best eye primer according to you?
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