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Rate My Meals – 2011-04-04

By Johnisfit @johnisfit

I'm in a hotel with a kitchenette so I stocked up on some supplies. Breakfast was oatmeal with a little peanut butter (a 3/4s ounce individual portion container), a banana and a low-fat yogurt. I had various snacks throughout the day – a banana, some baby carrots, celery and some blueberries.

For lunch I had a 12" veggie sub from subway with spicy mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, jalapeños, extra cucumbers, spinach and salt and pepper. No cheese, mayo or olive oil. Compare this to the 12" tuna on wheat I had last week when I wasn't focused. I added cheese and oil. And chips. Today I had apple slices and added a yogurt. In hindsite, knowing I had as much snack material as I did, I could have easily gone for a 6" and still be good. I may do that tomorrow.

For dinner I made lettuce wraps with iceberg lettuce, an avocado, tomatoes, a couple of slices of deli turkey and I did add a slice of provolone that I split across the two. Sprinkled with salt and pepper. This isn't the kind of meal I'd eat in front of someone but in the privacy of my hotel room the messy wraps are just fine. Yogurt for dessert. Even though they are low-cal and only 80 calories, 3 yogurts during the day is probably one too many.

Here's to getting this week off to a good start and staying there for awhile.

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