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Rate My Meals – 2011-03-07

By Johnisfit @johnisfit

After getting off to a good start last week I slipped a little bit on Wednesday (I ordered prime rib when my kids ordered fish – why didn’t I order fish? Or a salad for that matter?) and I let that effect me the rest of the week. I gained a pound. I’m on a bit of a plateau and I haven’t lost enough weight to be on a plateau yet. This isn’t a real plateau where you are doing everything right and your body just isn’t changing, this is a lazy plateau. Vegas is looking like a pipe dream for me this year. Check out the weight loss of my web friend John Bonk – he’s been a machine in losing over 100 pounds in a year. This is doable.

Here’s what I had to eat on Monday:

[starrater tpl=10 size='46']

Monday Meals

Breakfast was a banana-nut muffin. Lunch was a bento box with a small salad, poached chicken, some focaccia bread sticks, a few radishes, a couple of small sweet peppers, a snack bag of carrots and a small piece of cheese. I had an energy bar for a snack which was truly awful. 10g of protein but at the cost of 240 calories of 42g of carbs. It’s basically a Snickers bar. That was a lazy snack (didn’t bring it with me I bought it in a store at work) and I need to make better decisions than that I know.

Dinner will no doubt look pretty weird to most of you but you parents may recognize the “walking taco” that at least in our district is a staple at many of our kids’ sporting events. It’s a small bag of Doritos with taco meat, cheese, tomatoes and lettuce. They aren’t too bad if you can contain yourself to one. I added an avocado to the plate and had some fresh pineapple for dessert.

Not as good a day as I would like to see I know, but I am happy that I had the fortitude to pack a pretty good lunch and then go through the routine of taking the pics and making the post. I still think that’s an important step for me even though it hasn’t really paid off yet.

The next couple of weeks will be a challenge as we’re leaving soon on vacation down south. I do plan to post occasionally although I won’t have a scale to tell me how I’m doing so I’ll have to try to make as good of decisions as one can when doing a lot of driving on vacation. Once we get back I’ll have just over 3 months to achieve my goal of losing 40 pounds by June 30th. It’s going to be tough where I am at right now but it will be almost imposible if I gain weight over the next couple of weeks, so I need to do well despite being on vacation.

Here’s to getting this week off to a good start and staying there for awhile.

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