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Rasa Sayang - Chinatown - London

By Yummei @yummmei
Hello....is it me you're looking for? 
Rasa Sayang - Chinatown - London
I can see it in your eyes
I can see it in your smile
You're all I ever wanted...
(Come on you know the words!)
This is the song that you will be singing after wandering into this little unassuming Malaysian/Singaporean Restaurant, located right in the center of Chinatown.
It has been a good 2 years since, I went galavanting overseas to Asia for 7months. Oh it was a joyous time.
However I found myself longing for the hawker street food I sampled in Malaysia/Singapore.
Until one fateful day, I was lovingly guided to Rasa Sayang.

Lor Mien - Braised noodles in thick gravy, topped with 5-spice crispy chickenRasa Sayang - Chinatown - London
Their menu is mainly focused on Malaysian/Singaporean Hawker street food, and they offer these nation's favorite dishes including Chilli Crab, Char Kuay Teow and pan fried Carrot Cake.
Rasa Sayang is geared towards functionality; with it's light and simple decor and that 'canteen' vibe teamed with their high turnover of customers.
There are no airs and graces, so just expect a high standard of home-style/street food at low prices. 
Heaven? I think so. 
Rasa Sayang - Chinatown - LondonYEAH-O-Meter?
Lor Mien - Braised noodles in thick gravy, topped with 5-spice crispy chicken £7.50

If like me, you love super saucy noodles in a thick gravy. Your search is over. This is who you've been looking for. I assure you.Slurpy, uber-saucy noodles with a generous portion of 5-spice crispy chicken pieces sitting on top of that thick, flavoursome sauce. 
You will get this all over your face.
If that's not foreplay, I don't know what is. 
Spicy AubergineRasa Sayang - Chinatown - London
Rasa Sayang - Chinatown - London
Spicy Aubergine £7 Sambal Morning Glory £7.50I can eat platefuls of both these dishes.
The aubergine was nutty, spicy, soft yet still holding that bite to each piece. 
The Morning Glory needs no justification of it's awesomeness, add spicy Sambal paste to that and you've got yourself a party.
Sambal Morning GloryRasa Sayang - Chinatown - London
Rasa Sayang - Chinatown - LondonMalaysian Fried Hokkien MeeRasa Sayang - Chinatown - London

Malaysian Fried Hokkien Mee £7.50
Just to balance out the uber-saucy glory of the Lor Mien, the Malaysian fried Hokkien Mee was a worthy accompaniment. 
Crispy Roti CanaiRasa Sayang - Chinatown - LondonPrawn paste coated Deep Fried ChickenRasa Sayang - Chinatown - London
Prawn paste coated Deep Fried Chicken £8.90

These were a touch on the dry side, however despite that, they were well seasoned and packed full of flavor.
Rasa Sayang - Chinatown - LondonGado Gado - Deep fried Tofu in peanut sauceRasa Sayang - Chinatown - London
Crispy Roti Canai £3.90 & Gado Gado - Deep fried tofu in peanut sauce £3.50
If I could, I would dive into a pool full of that peanut sauce.
Order that sauce purely for dipping your roti, deep fried chicken and tofu.
YES is what you will be screaming, after each mouthful.
Rasa Sayang - Chinatown - LondonBanana Fritter: Wafer thin rice crispy coated banana, with palm sugar syrup and vanilla ice creamRasa Sayang - Chinatown - LondonBanana Fritter: Wafer thin rice crispy coated banana, with palm sugar syrup and vanilla ice cream £4.50The banana fritter is so easy to get wrong. 
My biggest fear is that this would be served to be with a thick layer of batter. 
I need not have worried as the soft, piping-hot banana was encased in a wafer-thin crispy rice coating.Crunchy, soft and sweet are winning texture combinations. That, drizzled with palm sugar and served with ice cream.
You should probably order one each.
Otherwise you will be spoon-duelling for the last bite.
Sex Appeal?
Did I really order ALL that food?
Oh yes I did. Yes I did. 
Rasa Sayang is a place you can go back to time and time again. 
YUMMEIS? 8.5/10 
Where?Rasa Sayang5 Macclesfield Street,LondonW1D 6AY

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