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Rare Clothing Company. Because You've Got Rare Shtyle!

By Jr @TheWrongGirl_
Rare Clothing Company. Because you've got rare shtyle!
Rare Clothing Company opened its doors at No.53 Dawson Street in October 2012 and I, quite shamefully, hadn't heard anything about it until January, and what I had heard confused me a little (a little too good to be true, I thought!) let me break down the basics but be warned, it's a bit amazing altogether.
OK. So, we've all heard of consignment  Consigning is trading your own barely worn highstreet or designer clothes for shop credit or cash to be received whenever the garments are sold.  Rare do things differently, they either give you credit or cash up front.  Now here's the unique bit: Rare Everywhere Credit.  How does it work?  Let's say you bring some of your previously loved garments into the shop and you're offered €80 credit to spend on Rare stock or €60 cash in hand but you really, really had your eye on a must-have dress online or from a big fashion outlet and it costs €80.  Rare will take your credit and get that item for you.  From anywhere!  So not only do you get a brand new item of clothing you also get it for your full credit price.  Nice.  We're getting a clue as to how the shop name came about now!  Not to mention the extensive variety of clothes of course.  There's something for everyone; men's & women's clothing, shoes and accessories; you can pick up gems from Topshop to River Island to Zara and Chanel to Karen Millen to Versace (I actually nabbed myself a jaw-dropping pair of Versace trousers.  Already a ridiculously happy customer!).  All garments are dry cleaned at no expense to the customer and are guaranteed mint condition on the hangers.  Also, we've been given heads up that Rare will soon be sourcing and stocking vintage pieces, so your future wardrobe can be even rarer!
Now that you're hopefully up to speed let me introduce you to the brains behind Rare.  Paddy and Martin are no strangers to retail management but admit to initially being a little intimidated by fashion beyond their own style. That's where Gillian came in, and the team was born!  Timi and myself popped along as Dublin Town Ambassadors (we deserve such a title, I think) to meet the gang last week.  After shop hours us bloggers, VIP shoppers and designers were welcomed with full glasses and warm smiles as we browsed the shop and got to know each other a little better.  What came across was not only a very unique and strong work ethic but a very fun one too.  The Rare team are genuine in their customer care policy, here the customer is always right and always top priority.  We witnessed this first hand when we returned a few days later to trade in and try on some clothes ourselves.
Rare Clothing Company. Because you've got rare shtyle!The Rare Team chatting with VIP customers (Photo: Timi @Picture This! Dublin City )

Rare Clothing Company. Because you've got rare shtyle!

Timi and I rockin' the obligotry mirror pic for

Rare Clothing Company. Because you've got rare shtyle!

Now for our game of Dress-Up...did I mention the Rare crew were good craic?  Pop down, try on some clothes and have some fun with it, that's what it's all about!

The following would be what Timi and I would call #totesbrie

Rare Clothing Company. Because you've got rare shtyle!

Paparazzi everywhere!

Rare Clothing Company. Because you've got rare shtyle!

Timi couldn't leave the shop without trading for this funky funnel collar shirt. I don't think his twin trapped in the mirror is as impressed by it though...

Rare Clothing Company. Because you've got rare shtyle!
Standing in a window as a living mannequin was a sure way of scaring the bejayzis out of people...but more surprisingly it lured passers-by in!This eye-popping Jovani dress (size 8) is RRP €995 and was retailing at Rare for € can now purchase this in store for a generous mark-down price of €200 (Yes I nearly ran away with it...and the heels(size 5), Bourbon Leopard print embellished strappy's €40!)
Drop in to the gang 53 Dawson St. and tell them JR @DublinTown sent you, to avail of a 15% discount until  13.03.13 Check out daily updates and new stock on their facebook page

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