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Rape Paranoia Article of the Day

Posted on the 08 March 2013 by Calvinthedog


A very, very, very stupid article by a silly, ditzy feminist. This idiotic article is now being reposted all over the Blogosphere by silly, moronic feminists. It’s dumb. I don’t even have to start going into the ways it is dumb because it’s just dumb. First of all, rape paranoia is dumb. Violence paranoia is dumb.

We males have way more to fear from other males in the way of violence than females do (though we don’t have to fear females so much, it is true). Males are simply dangerous. As a male, I have been on the alert for dangerous males and signs of danger and violence even in males I know well for a long time, most of my life in fact. I am frankly quite a bit scared of males myself. I think everyone, not just females, should be scared of males. I see no reason why females should be more afraid of males than we males are. They should probably be less afraid of us males. After all, we males bear the brunt of male violence against other humans.

There’s really no way to get away from the charge that one is a dangerous man. I’ve been dealing with the “dangerous” charge most of my life, but there’s not a lot of evidence to back it up. I’ve only spent 6 hours in jail. I’ve never been to prison. I’ve never even been charged with a violent crime. I’d say that I’ve never even committed one either, but you wouldn’t believe that.

I’ve committed very little violence against women in my life. I have committed some, but those women all assaulted me or tried to assault me first. They threw water in my face. They slapped my face. They chased me around an airport waiting area swinging on me and kicking at me. So, yeah, they all got hit. You women don’t want to me to hit you? Hey, no problem! Just don’t assault me first baby!

I am quite proud to say that I have never raped a woman or a girl. Of course I have been accused of that too, but it was a lie. She was drunk. I was drunk. We were both drunk. It was as consensual as things get between two drunks. Then again, my definition of rape is different from the feminist daffynition of rape.

Ever had sex with a woman who said no? Yep, once. You see, there’s yessy no’s and there’s nooey no’s. This was a real yessy no. Yessy no’s mean yes, not no. Only nooey no’s mean no. She was saying, “Noooooooooo,” like she was having an orgasm. I listened, and I decided that was a yessy no, not a nooey no, so I proceeded accordingly. All was well and good after that!

Even had sex with a female who had been drinking or using drugs? LOL, I am trying to think of how many times I did it with a female who was not high or drunk. According to feminuts, if you have sex with a woman who was high or drunk, it’s rape. In that case, I am proud to say I am one of the biggest rapists out there.

Ever had sex with a female who did not explicitly give you permission to have sex with her? LOL, I am not sure any female has ever in my life said, “Ok, I agree to have sex with you, Bob.” They have said similar things, like asking me flat out. But mostly I just attack them. That means assault them. That means grope them. That means grab them. That means attack them. Then we just proceed from there and move on to the sex.

Ever groped, grabbed, attacked or assaulted a female? Yep. By attack or assault, I just mean that I got physical with them without asking their permission. I just jump on them. Push them up against a wall and start kissing them. Grab them and start kissing them and feeling them up. According to feminist idiots, that’s called “assaulting” and “attacking.” They also say it’s illegal; they claim it is something called “sexual assault” and they say you can go to jail or prison for it. That’s funny because I have grabbing females my whole life and I haven’t been arrested yet. To be honest, few of them even complained.

Ever had sex with a woman because she was afraid of you? Who knows? Maybe. Women have been telling me that they are afraid of me for most of my life. But then they go ahead and do it with me anyway. According to feminuts, if you’re a scary guy, it’s always rape. In a nutshell, you never legally get laid. If a woman is afraid of you because you’re scary, and she has sex with you because she’s afraid to say no to you because you’re a scary dude, well, that’s rape. And that’s about the most BS-ey notion of rape yet!

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