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  • A Name Generator for Lonely Boys

    Name Generator Lonely Boys

    When we started Generatorland.com several years ago, it was more about finding a project for my buddy Joe (a developer) and me (a writer) to work on together... Read more

    The 27 January 2013 by   Generatorland
  • Freebird


    You’ve probably heard the song. You most likely know at least some of the words, have cranked it on the radio, and dare I guess, you’ve fervently air guitar’d... Read more

    The 25 January 2013 by   Themightyf
  • The Douchebag’s 10-Step Guide to Proper Bar Behavior

    Douchebag’s 10-Step Guide Proper Behavior

    Sometimes I love my job.  And sometimes I feel like a dirty hooker lying on her back on a urine soaked mattress in a sleazy motel:  I focus on a spot on the wal... Read more

    The 24 January 2013 by   Therealbarman
  • Gary The Goat Cleared Of Vandalising Flower Bed

    Gary Goat Cleared Vandalising Flower

    Gary, the flower-eating goat's graze with the law ended after a judge ruled neither he nor his owner could be found guilty of vandalism of the incident in Augus... Read more

    The 24 January 2013 by   Gerard
  • What is the Evolutionary Purpose of Tickling?

    What Evolutionary Purpose Tickling?

    image credit: José Malhoa You probably know that you can't tickle yourself. And although you might be able to tickle a total stranger, your brain also strongly... Read more

    The 23 January 2013 by   Gerard
  • Colgate Toothpaste Advertisment.

    Colgate Toothpaste Advertisment.

    Colgate has created a very ingenious advertising campaign to promote their dental floss and promote cleaner teeth, but before I explain to you the main detail o... Read more

    The 22 January 2013 by   Harry
  • The Most Famous Fake Women In History

    Most Famous Fake Women History

    image credit: David Shapinsky cc The internet is freaking out right now about how Manti Te'o, star Notre Dame football player, either made up or was hoaxed by... Read more

    The 21 January 2013 by   Gerard
  • Friday Cartoon By Mark Anderson

    Friday Cartoon Mark Anderson

    Mark Anderson is a professional cartoonist from the Chicago area. His cartoons have been published in Reader's Digest, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Woman's... Read more

    The 18 January 2013 by   Gerard
  • My 10 Most Amazing Accomplishments in Life Thus Far

    Most Amazing Accomplishments Life Thus

    For reasons beyond my comprehension, at least once a week I encounter a patron at my bar who, with great empathy and pity, asks me why I am still bartending at... Read more

    The 16 January 2013 by   Therealbarman
  • 25 Words You Might Not Know Are Trademarked

    Words Might Know Trademarked

    image credit: Roberta F cc Many of the items we use every day, like zippers and escalators, were once brand names. Even heroin, which no one should use any... Read more

    The 13 January 2013 by   Gerard

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