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  • Why Are We Afraid Of The Dark?

    Afraid Dark?

    Having noticed that many people still sleep with a light on even as adults, the creators of the Online Alarm Clock website thought it would be informative to... Read more

    The 16 April 2013 by   Gerard
  • Long Exposure Photos Of A Roomba's Path

    Long Exposure Photos Roomba's Path

    image credit: IBRoomba cc Introduced in 2002, Roomba is a series of autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners sold by iRobot. Under normal house conditions, the... Read more

    The 13 April 2013 by   Gerard
  • Drive Of Shame Or Ride Of Pride?

    Drive Shame Ride Pride?

    image credit: adonis hunter / ahptical cc Pimp my ride got pretty popular with auto carcasses being transformed into stereo pumping , mean machines. Read more

    The 09 April 2013 by   Gerard
  • How Much Does Hogwarts Castle Cost?

    Much Does Hogwarts Castle Cost?

    How much would Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry be worth? Well, if Hogwarts were placed on the market today it would be worth about $204,102,000.... Read more

    The 03 April 2013 by   Gerard
  • World's Strangest Vehicles

    World's Strangest Vehicles

    image credit: alakai99 cc Sometimes simply getting from point A to point B is not really the point. Some people want to do it in style, with a certain panache,... Read more

    The 29 March 2013 by   Gerard
  • 10 Champion Boxers You'd Never Guess Had College Degrees

    Champion Boxers You'd Never Guess College Degrees

    image credit Brains versus brawn. The pen versus the sword. Might against intellect. It's a battle that seems to have raged forever. Read more

    The 25 March 2013 by   Gerard
  • Are These Lines The Same Height?

    These Lines Same Height?

    Your answer depends on where you're from. In the late 1800s, German psychiatrist Franz M端ller-Lyer designed one of the world's most famous visual... Read more

    The 22 March 2013 by   Gerard
  • The Google Graveyard

    Google Graveyard

    It's hard to lose a loved one, especially if that loved one is a Google service. Go through the gates of the Google Graveyard, a virtual space for grieving. Read more

    The 19 March 2013 by   Gerard
  • The Pony Mixer

    Pony Mixer

    is a generator in which you can customize Shetland ponies dancing to various music genres, such as rock, Bollywood, hip-hop, rave, punk, and funk. Read more

    The 05 March 2013 by   Gerard
  • The Secret Door

    Secret Door

    is a passageway to just about anywhere on Earth. Hosted by U.K. window and door replacement company Safe Style, The Secret Door shows the visitor a virtual... Read more

    The 03 March 2013 by   Gerard

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