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Gary The Goat Cleared Of Vandalising Flower Bed

By Gerard @presurfer
Gary The Goat Cleared Of Vandalising Flower Bed
Gary, the flower-eating goat's graze with the law ended after a judge ruled neither he nor his owner could be found guilty of vandalism of the incident in August last year. Police at the time levelled a fine of AUS$440 against owner Jim Dezarnaul, a comedian known as Jimbo Bazoobi.
But man and goat got their day in court, with Gary arriving resplendent in a colourful hat on Wednesday. The brown-and-white goat did not testify, but he had his own lawyer. Magistrate Carolyn Barkell said the accused had been eating the flowers when police arrived, but said there was no evidence Gary was there with the intention of vandalising vegetation.
(thanks Miss Rare)

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