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Rainy Day Rite Aid Trip

By Sars @RockinAroundThe

For some reason whenever it rains, I feel the need to go to a drugstore.

Rainy Day

It doesn’t matter if it’s Target, Rite Aid, or Walgreens, but going becomes an urgent must.  I just so happened to have a rainy day this week, and I think that I went to Rite Aid for a reason…

Rite Aid Haul

but I’m sure I forgot whatever I needed.  I freaking love Rite Aid, I go there so often that I’ve managed to reach the gold level (for three years in a row) and receive 20% off of my purchases!  I can’t go to a drugstore without spending a minimum of $50, here’s what I walked out with this week…

Masks Galore 


I can usually never find masks in a tube, so I settle for a whole bunch of individual packets.  I love a good face mask.  These masks were on sale for freaking 99 cents per tube… total steal.

Baby Products

Oil Gel

I stay using baby products, they’re made for sensitive skin.  When the weather changes erratically, my skin gets like lizard dry.  I was using this shea butter vaseline oil gel, but I’m not a huge fan of the shea butter scent… I was super excited when I saw plain baby oil gel.  I love this scent, why doesn’t someone make a candle scented like baby oil?  Every baby scented product that I take a whiff of smells like powder, and I hate the scent of powder.  This gel is amazing, it’s like coconut water for your skin.



I had heard good things about this concealer, so I had to try it.  It’s awesome.  The concealer covers dark circles without being cakey, and it blends amazingly well.  Probably one of the best drugstore concealers that I’ve ever used.

Waterproof Scara

Waterproof Mascara

I don’t think any of my current mascaras are waterproof, I’m not a huge fan of waterproof scara because it’s hard to wash off.  You can never go wrong with Great Lash, ever.  J’adore this mascara, it stays on and it’s clump free.

Summer Lips

Bold Lips
 I read something on Buzzfeed recently about the best drugstore makeup, and Wet N Wild lipstick was on that list.  Wet N Wild products are just like ELF, they’re only like $2.  It looked like the springy/summery shades had already been picked through, there were a lot of reds left.  I did manage to find one bright pink in the shade Smoken Hot Pink #905D.  I’m in love with this shade, it’s thick and matte.  It also stays on for a solid three hours, and it’s perfect for summer… it makes you look glam with just a swipe + big sunnies.  I also picked up a new product, the Wet N Wild Balm Stain.  I had never seen or heard of the Balm Stain before, but for a measly $3 I decided to try the shade A Stiff Pink #127.  I thought that this shade would be slightly powdery, but it’s not and I’m glad.  The stain is light and durable, perfect for spring.  The stain seriously stayed on for like 6 hours, I was shocked.  I’m def going to pick up more Balm Stains… but be careful, they stain your skin too.

Periwinkle Nails

Blue Nails

I had been checking out a Sinful Colors shade very similar to this one for a few weeks, but it was like really Cinderella and had glitter in it… I hate glitter polish.  Rite Aid always has things that you can’t find at Target, and they had this perfect blue nail color.  The nail polish is in the shade Hip To Be Square #1419, and it’s seriously the color of the sky on a warm spring day.  I don’t usually like blue nails, but I’m obsessed with this color.

I also got a couple must haves like coconut water, dish soap, and benadryl… taking my total cost (with discount) to $53… Drugstores get me every time.  What are some of your fave drugstore buys?

Happy Sunday ♡

Rainy Day Rite Aid Trip
Rainy Day Rite Aid Trip
Rainy Day Rite Aid Trip
Rainy Day Rite Aid Trip

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