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Rain, Rain Go Away

By Thecurlycasualista @curlycasualista
Rain, Rain Go Away  I had all these grand plans to actually take my camera and tripod outside to take some pictures, actually make an attempt to be a legit fashion blogger (though there's nothing wrong with indoor photos), but no. It was pouring again, thank you, DC!!!! So you're stuck to more indoor photos with terrible lighting because there was a giant black cloud of doom over my house dumping 500 gallons of water a second. Will the rain ever end? I know that it's pretty typical of a DC summer - the cloudburst-esque thunderstorms in the afternoons, but a) it's not summer yet and b) it was barely even 80 degrees when I left work, so really weather, you have no excuse.  You just want to make my life miserable. 
Enough. Raining. I like to commute in dryness, please.Rain, Rain Go AwayAnd yes, I'm barefoot because my shoes got soaked on my run home from the bus stop :(.
Top: Express (wicked old, I'm amazed it's still alive)Tank: American Eagle (also really old)Jeans: J.Crew Outlet ToothpicksWatch: Fossil

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