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Racial Behavioral Differences in Newborns and Babies

Posted on the 25 April 2013 by Calvinthedog

This subject is quite controversial and some racists are using this evidence as support for their contention that there are superior and inferior races. The truth is that there are racial differences in newborns and young babies, but they don’t tell us anything about the superiority/inferiority of any races.

I actually think there is something to that stuff, but it’s not as nasty people think.

Mongoloids tend to be “calm, cool and collected.” Imagine the calm Zen Master.

Africans are “very active.”

Amerindians are “so calm and quiet that you wonder if they are dead,” and are “extremely, deathly, calm and quiet and yet very alert.” Imagine the Amerindian waiting silently but alertly in the forest for hours on end waiting to ambush a deer.

Caucasoids are…I am not sure exactly!

It doesn’t exactly divide into superior-inferior races or anything like that, but it is interesting and it is indeed suggestive of innate differences between the races.


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