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Race Traitors, Black, White and Jewish

Posted on the 14 November 2014 by Calvinthedog

James Schipper writes:

Dear Robert

I agree that the Republicans are bad for most blacks, but certainly not for all because there are also rich blacks. Blacks have as much right to vote according to their class interest as whites do. A black millionaire who votes for the Reps because he wants to pay lower taxes is no more a traitor to his race than a white millionaire who does the same. The Reps are also bad for the majority of whites.

We should not confuse class with race. As a plutocratic entity, the Reps favor all the wealthy, black white, brown, red or yellow, and are an economic threat to all those American who aren’t rich regardless of their race. Poor whites who vote for the Reps because they think that it is good for their race are deluding themselves. The Reps don’t practice racial politics but class politics.

Suppose that we have a company with 5 owners and 95 employees. The owners are all white, and 60 of the employees are white. The owners don’t care much about their employees, whatever their race may be. Now there is an attempt to unionize the workers. A majority of the white employees refuses to join the union because they identify more with the white owners than the non-white employees. That’s how we should see the role of race in the US. It enables the Reps to exploit race in order to practice class politics.

Black Race Traitors

Correct, but at this point, the Republicans are objectively attacking the Black race in the US via Jim Crow era laws designed to keep them from voting. Also huge numbers of Blacks are being targeted by being removed from the voting rolls for no reason. In addition, early voting days and hours are being shorted all in an attempt to keep Black people from voting.

The Republicans have a program called Crosscheck that tracks suspected voter fraud cases. The whole thing is phony as there is probably not even one fraudulent voter among the 7 million. Specifically, these are people who are suspected of voting in two different states under the same name. Of course nobody does that as it is hard enough to get them to vote in one state much less two. A very large percentage of that 7 million are Black, apparently deliberately targeted. Another large number as Asians and Hispanics.

If you are a Black person who for any reason is supporting the efforts of the Republican Party to keep your race from voting, then you are an out and out race traitor and a traitor to your people. I don’t like traitors very much.

White Race Traitors

I actually do believe that White race traitors do exist, but 99% of White people who are accused of this by White nationalists are innocent of the charge. However, let us look at South Africa, where the new government has come in and now there is obvious, visible and open racial discrimination against White people. Maybe it is payback, who knows? But any White South African who supports that Black South African project to discriminate against White people is objectively a race traitor and a traitor to his people.

There is a rather humorous case a while back of a Black man who wanted to join the local chapter of the KKK. Of course they turned him down as the KKK does not allow Black members. When asked why he wanted to join, he said, “I don’t niggers either.” This is worth a chuckle, but still it is obvious that any Black man who would even attempt to join the KKK is an enemy of his people.

Jewish Race Traitors

I hate to use the word self-hater since they idiotic Jews call any Jew who criticizes their glorious tribe a self-hater, but there are some Jews who are such extreme over the top anti-Semites that I must say that they are traitors to their own people.

There is nothing admirable about being a traitor to your own kind. I have no respect for it at all. Everyone should support their own kind.

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