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“Race Is a Social Construct”

Posted on the 27 February 2015 by Calvinthedog

Oh yeah?

One word: BiDil.

That one word right there proves that race is real and is not a social construct. BiDil logically ought to zero out the race deniers’ line (“race is a social construct”), but of course it won’t. Oh well. I am sure we will have the last laugh on this one. Race denial was doomed from start because anyone with half a brain could see how nuts it was.

From CIApedia:

The new drug application claiming treatment of a single, self-identified racial group raised a storm of controversy. Some hailed the development of BiDil as a breakthrough for African Americans (such groups included the Black congressional Caucus, the Association of Black Cardiologists, the National Medical Association, and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) and a step to addressing the unique health care needs and health disparities of the African American community.

Others who criticized the preliminary studies argued that the original study did not have a significant number of African-American subjects to make the BiDil’s race specific claims, and that the results of only one clinical trial where African-Americans were tested does not provide a full and comprehensive study. Furthermore, critics argued that self-identified racial identifications from patients as an indicator for race during the trials were not a sufficient categorization method because these self-identifications were socially constructed and have no biological connection to genomic data.

They argued that the trials represented a new form of scientific racism where race, a socially constructed category that does not have a basis in biology, would continue to be present in research as a placeholder for genomic identification.

Additionally, some disagreed with the design of the A-HeFT trial because the trial failed to include any non-African American test subjects. The trial was designed to include only African American test subjects, therefore failing to show that BiDil has a greater effectiveness in African Americans than those in other races.

As you can see, the Cultural Left race-denier antiracist nutcases have already weighed in on BiDil. It turns out that this drug itself is racist! How can a drug be racist when it doesn’t even have a brain? I have no idea, but if the race-denier nuts say it’s true, then it must be true, right?

Their arguments are truly pitiful. Here they are:

  1. Only one study.
  2. Only Black people in the study. White people needed in the study in order to show that BiDil is more effective in Blacks than Whites and hence in order to market BiDil as a Black drug.
  3. Test group too small to be significant.
  4. (Dumbest of all) Racial self-identifications are meaningless. In other words, when a Black person says he is Black, that means nothing. When I say I’m White, that’s nonsensical. For all we know, I could be an Aborigine! And since racial self-identification is meaningless, that means that there is no such thing as Black people, and if Black people do not exist, then how can you possibly have a drug that works better on Blacks than others and how can you market a drug to a non-existing group? Yeah. They actually said that asinine idiocy. The trial for BiDil ended because it was saving so many lives and the people on the placebo were dying at a higher rate (in such cases, humanism demands that you end the study). Of course the fact that this drug saves Black lives and prevents hospitalization of Blacks is irrelevant considering the drug itself is racist and therefore evil. I guess we have to take it off the market now because the menace of these evil racist pills is so much worse than saving Black people’s lives. Black lives matter? To antiracists, apparently they do not!

On the other hand, all Black groups thought this pill was a great thing. Because, you know, it saves Black lives and whatnot. So here we have a case where the Blacks themselves support this bigoted capsule, while the antis are opposing the very thing that the Blacks support, apparently to save the Blacks from the micro-aggressions of swallowing these tablets.

I keep saying that antiracism has gone insane and a lot of you wonder why I say that. Look at the controversy above. This is the face of the modern antiracist movement. Like most of the Cultural Left Freakshow/Insane Asylum, these people are completely out of their minds.

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