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Raasta –The Carribean Lounge Rocks It at DLF Cyber Hub

By Maneesh Srivastva @urbanescapades

Raasta –The Carribean Lounge rocks it at DLF Cyber Hub9th June, 2014: The twinkling lights of Cyber Hub, Gurgaon now have another star-Raasta, The Carribean Lounge. Raasta @ DLF Cyber Hub brings together the cheery colours of red, green and gold; recreating the vibe that has made Raasta @ Hauz Khas Village, a cult brand. Recreating the universe of peace, love and universal brotherhood, which has epitomized the Rastafarian movement across the globe, Raasta @ DLF Cyber Hub is a bigger and chicer avatar of the original.
Commenting on the launch of Raasta @ DLF Cyber Hub, promoters Joy Singh and Rahul Kundan say, “Raasta is a philosophy and way of life. The huge popularity of the brand made it essential for us to take it to more people and places. DLF Cyber Hub with its cosmopolitan culture and fabulous ambience was an apt choice for Raasta on its journey of expansion.”Expect Raasta @ DLF Cyber Hub to bring alive the spirit of Bob Marley, both in terms of the essence of the brand as well as the music and ambience. It recreates the very features that have made the brand a cult and will also be bringing in the live music events, International performers and fun nights to Gurgaon denizens. Yet, on this journey it has also evolved and brought a more sophisticated look and feel across. The space reflects this comfort and chic with interiors from designer Sumeet Nath, while the Caribbean vibe gets translated across a fresh and exciting food and beverage menu. Walk into this space, that brings alive the power of music, and lets you relax and go with the flow. The essence of the brand stays alive with the décor elements, while evolution has taken place in both the design and food philosophy to bring a newer, fresher version of the brand to old loyalists and new visitors alike. Be instantly transported to the Carribean as different lounge areas beckon you to chill awhile, groove to the music or simply have a good time with friends. Staying true to form, architect, Sumeet Nath has used comfortable bamboo furniture all across, set against a backdrop of rough stone hewn walls, give the right amount of ‘chill’ to the space. “Raasta has become a rage amongst it’s fans and our reggae roots, quirky interiors and true carribean cuisine strikes a cord among them all. We are pretty confident that [email protected] Cyberhub will appeal across age groups to be the ‘go to’ destination for a good time. ”, adds Arjun Toor from Raasta. The décor is quirky, and takes a dig at all things institutional, much like the maverick philosopher who inspired it. Boat shell pushcarts and large truck tyres painted in red, gold and green, back-up as table stands; while caged boxes hold together little references to our industrial and corporate lifestyle. The street style is very much alive with street lamps hung upside down from the ceiling to form a part of the lighting schematics. The movable DJ console and stage form the central focus of the space with the Ms cages with iron chains for a symbolic 3d mural on the main wall of the restaurant where again traditional bongs have been used to add a dose of color and bring together the connect with the original Raasta. The trademark record cover wall creates a colourful backdrop to this corner. While talking about Raasta’s appetizing food menu, Chef Anil Pandey from Raasta elaborates “Staying true to its Caribbean origins, Raasta serves seamlessly varied cuisine from the cultures of Spain, Africa, East India, China and other palettes into a distinct tradition all its own. Our offering promises to satisfy every craving, as well as makes for a great option for a meal out.” The menu reflects a fusion of a wide range of cultures and heritages, and many ethnicities that landed on Caribbean shores for the past centuries. This led to an intermingling of different cultures and cuisines, as people survived the islands, and weathered oppressions and challenges for many years. The fascinating stories of this mishmash of culture and race are told through the menu of Raasta. It serves seamlessly varied cuisine from the cultures of Spain, Africa, East India, China and other palettes into a distinct tradition all its own. Start off with a cheerful bite of the Plantain Frittos (raw banana chips served with sour cream) or the Tangy Mango Mushroom, and move onto a hearty helping of the Whether you are looking for a Jamaican-style Jerked Chicken Curry or a hearty Peppe lamb curry. In case you are a large group, the Barbados Platters will surely satiate, as well as the all time Caribbean favourite, the Red Snapper Escovitch. Lunch hour visitors will be delighted by the “grab and go” lunch menu. Take a quick trip to the Carribean with our Grilled and Spiced Fish Bowl, Grilled Cajun Chicken Bowl, Herbed Prawns Bowl, Jerk Chicken Strip Bowl, or try the Penne Arabiata and Penne Pesto. 
Raasta: The Caribbean Lounge
Raasta, the Caribbean Lounge brings a dose of sunshine, happiness, and Raasta culture to the capital. The first Raasta was set against the leafy background of Hauz Khas Village, where the bright and bold colours brought alive the culture of universal brotherhood made so famous by stalwarts like Bob Marley. In it’s one year of existence, Raasta has created a ‘feel good’ vibe, great music, fun events and fabulous food. The commitment of Raasta to create a truly unique ambience has made it a cornerstone of the HKV culture, and a memorable experience. Raasta, DLF Cyber Hub will soon be bringing this cult to the twinkling city of Gurgaon.

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