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Questions??? & Answers!!!

By Nuttercouture23 @AnikaLovelace
Questions??? & Answers!!!
Hi! First of all, I would like to thank my friend Antonia for Lookleting me - she hit it all, except the shoes as it seems to me (which are not so clearly visible), and also, my dog's hair has grown up, but when he was trimmed, he looked just like this one. And 100 people voted/clicked <3  for this image on her Looklet profile, LOL... And also would like to thank to AnneMie who sent me an e - mail with this questions, so - let me tell you what do you wanna know!!! Let's start:
how old are you? I'm  22, but on 23rd December I'll be 23
what/who convinced you to start blogging?
Noone! I'm not one of the forum - gals who wanted to stop hiding behind forumsand show herself via blog. When I was in highschool, my friends used to write blogs about music7bands/concerts and their points of view, and I thought - I have nothing smart to share with the world and say to the world. But, browsing the some celebs's style, I thought - oh, they have all of their outfits on the one place. Then I discovered some blogs, and some crazy idea came to my mind - why shouldn't I take photo of my outfits and document it in one place. I made a blog before, but I had no idea how to edit it, so I erased it and made the new one. So far, as a baby beginner, I'm quite satisfied.
do you have a boyfriend? Yes. His name is Marko but he is known as Morris (he like Mini Morris cars, that's where his nick's from :). On 11th November is our 3,5 anniversary.
do you have any bad habits?
so far, only smoking. I have quited for 6 months but then I started again...
which are your favorite brands?
so far - Ann Christine & Gina Tricot. Seems to me that their designers are totally familiar with my stream of consciousness of what I like and my pocket money. Some more established brands that I can't afford - Comme des Garcons, Belgian brands such as Dries Van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester, Tim Van Steenbergen,...

do you prefer shopping online or shopping at stores?

Stores. I'm paypal bimbo and too impatient to wait...
which blogs do you follow?
visit my blog and you'll see at the sidebar. Usually I like to read Asian or Scandinavian blogs.
do people around you know about your blog?
my friends, family, my Darling...and they are always joking me when I'm taking pictures
which camera and lenses do you use?
Canon Powershoot A11oo IS, but would like to own some SLR/DSLR camera.
which big cities have you visited?
Vienna, Budapest, Rome, Brussels, Antwerp.
what does your room look like?
small, wanted to make it black/white but in the end it became pink/green. Still need to put the desk & computer in it and some pictures & posters on the wall
what would you change about yourself?
I'm too naive and would like to be more secure & self - confident.
how is your closet organized?
very nice, I admit that it's the only thing I can keep organized. Jeans on one shelf, shirts on another, sweaters on another, skirts on another, coats are hanged, lingerie is in the special box,...
what would your name be if you were born as a boy?
I think - Denis.
how tall are you?
which bloggers would you love to meet?
Noone particular, actually everyone I'm reading and those who are my readers.
which item would you never wear?
clogs on heels, peak - shoes, overalls, brown tights (paint them black if there's no black to buy)!!!,...
do you prefer going out or watching movies on the couch?
couch. Me 6 my Darling turn on the home cinema sound-system, eat many snack, and enjoy under the blanket.
how did you get your layout like this?
I chose theme template, got the background via shabby blogs, chosen the fonts &  colors that I like and that's it!!!
what's the worst thing you've ever bought?
Almost everything I bought in early 2000s. It's definitely the worst clothing decade, and I had a bad luck to live in it.
what's your favorite shampoo?
Hipp's baby shampoo
what does your dream wedding look like?
on the beach, I'm wearing ACNE's Delirious dress as a wedding dress, there's a podium, my & my Darling's family & friends, we are listening 1960-1990s music, even singing karaoke...
do you choose your outfit in the morning or the day before?
Morning. Then I make a some changes to make outfit look better.
are you confident?
in the last time more then I used to be but still need to train & work on myself.
which are your favorite television shows?
Mentalist, The One Tree Hill
which  watch do you have?
None! I'm losing the watches so I'm using cellphone's watch as a landmark in the time
what are your plans for this weekend?
Go to the village with parents & dogs and themn meet with my girls & my Darling!!! Nothing untypical. 

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