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Question for the Men on the Site

Posted on the 07 February 2015 by Calvinthedog

She’s In Parties writes:

Topic question for male posters.

Would you fuck Casey Anthony? Basically would you fuck/date a woman who killed her own child? She did it but got off. Huge national story.

I wouldn’t in a healthy state of mind. But I’m rarely in that state. I’m highly neurotic with a high dose of low self esteem and sense of self. Ultimately I would do it. I think a lot of males, including healthy ones, would do too.

Can you date a notorious figure? With all eyeballs on you. Oppose to just fucking her randomly, and the public having no knowledge of situation.

I wouldn’t feel threatened in her presence, despite being an obvious social path/psychopath. She may do something to fuck me over, but I wouldn’t feel my life was in danger. Aileen Wournos was convicted serial killer who died by lethal injection. I wouldn’t spend a second with her if she was alive, and I knew about her or some woman that was going around town suspected of killing johns for obvious reasons.

PS: Sorry if my writing sucks. Intellectuals bother me.

Would you fuck Casey Anthony? I think it’s a great question to pose.

Well, guys, what do you say? Would you date a notorious woman?

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