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Qantas – Strike Grounds Passengers and Planes as Australian Airline Considers Major Reforms.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Qantas otherwise known as Queensland And Northern Territories Aerial Services is the oldest continuing airline in the world, but it is not operating any flights at the moment. A company policy of major restructures including outsourcing services to other countries to cut costs have caused the existing workforce to go on an indefinite strike, grounding the whole fleet and stranding passengers across the world. As ever, Astrology can pinpoint the reasons for the problems.

Qantas natal

Qantas was founded on 16th Nov 1920 when the papers creating the company were signed in a Brisbane hotel. Unfortunately, the time of the signing is not known, but taking midday as a start time would not be far off. The chart is dominated by a mini grand trine. This is formed by Mars and the Moon trine to Saturn and Jupiter with the Sun and Mercury at the point of the feature. Here we see that the communication of the company Mercury is very self interested and hard line (both Sun and Mercury are in very close conjunction in Scorpio), showing no mercy. Growth ambition and expansion shown by the Saturn Jupiter conjunction will only  be possible in taking on (Mars) the employees (Moon) who will fight and argue (Mars) their case. Notice the houses highlighted here. Saturn and Jupiter sits in the 7th house of relationships and open enemies, Mars and the moon sit in the 11th house of groups and associations including unions, and the Sun and Mercury sit in the 9th house of long distance travel (very apt for an international airline and legal issues. To break this strike, new laws and statutes may have to be imposed in Australia. 

Pluto makes a very focused quindecile to the Moon as well as sesquisquares to the Sun and Mercury, so here is a link between blockages (strikes) initiated by the workers before the transformation (Pluto) of the airline (Sun) can be achieved. Jupiter makes a quindecile to Uranus, so there is a nice link on the natal chart between technology and expansion, although this aspect can also be seen as growth only after rebellion. Finally, the North Node sits Scorpio in the 9th house. Doesn’t this just explain the whole situation right now. The North Node shows where the destiny of the company lies, however this is always a most difficult thing to achieve and will not be attained without going through and solving many problems. The destiny shown in the 9th shows that Qantas to progress successfully must transform (Scorpio) their own organisation through using international links (international outsourcing).

Looking at the transit chart, just look at the South Node. Transiting Jupiter, the focus for expansion sits bang on it. Here we have the conflict predicted in the natal chart, absolutely bang on time, opposing the transformation which the company needs to achieve. Remember the natal position of Jupiter, part of the mini grand trine and quindecile to Uranus. All those aspects are being played out now. Jupiter and the South Node are in fixed Taurus. Have you ever tried to move a bull when it doesn’t want to cooperate? They will dig their heels in like no other animal. So it is in Australia. The unions seem fixed in their opposition and this strike threatens to cost Qantas a small fortune, is hitting their public reputation (Jupiter’s sign Sagittarius rules the Qantas Midheaven for a midday chart) and plunge the company into crisis.

It is interesting that this situation has come about as Jupiter is passing this spot at the South Node for the second time in retrograde motion. Here is the idea of letting go of a relationship and gaining through it freedom. This suggests that both sides will have to let go of some of their strongly held positions to gain some benefit. Jupiter finally gets moving forward again on 26th December and finally connects with the South Node for the last hit on 20th February. If Qantas has to wait that long to solve the dispute, then they will surely go out of business.

So what do the other planets say? They are not clever. transiting Saturn is square to Moon/Mars so here is another strike signature, the planet of moving forward Mars hitting the planet of restriction in Saturn. Emotions are running high (Mars Moon) and the authoritarian decisions (Saturn). Transiting Mars is square to the Sun/Mercury conjunction so a vitriolic mood exists. Transiting Neptune is quindecile natal Neptune, there are dreams, confusion and deception clouding the issues. With so much astrological fog in the air, both sides will find it very difficult to find and accept the truth. The transiting Nodal Axis mirrors the natal axis being square to natal Jupiter and transiting Pluto is approaching an opposition to it’s own position. The opposition will continue to harden until it is connects exactly on 10th February next year. February next year seems to be the time when all this will finally be resolved, but what damage will be done to Qantas in the intervening months? Pluto has the potential to transform or ultimately to destroy. So what I do I think will eventually happen?

Qantas transits

Well transiting Saturn will make a sextile to the Sun/Moon midpoint at 23:19 Sagittarius on 9th November. The Sun Moon midpoint I think in a company shows the meeting point between the bosses (Sun) and the workers (Moon). The sextile shows an opportunity to find some sort of solution, at least for the time being to break the strike and bring some progression to the issue. Ultimately though, I don’t think the reforms that Qantas want will be implemented until February next year, when all the planets I have referred to earlier have completed their transits.

**** Update 30th Oct 11****

Just after I posted this article, it was announced that an industrial tribunal “Fair Work Australia” had ordered the shutdown to cease and to get the aircraft flying again. Even if Qantas can get some sort of service running, the bad blood between the unions and the board is still going to continue. It remains to be seen if Qantas can find a solution which will be acceptable to all, something from the astrology I see that is someway from being finalised.

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