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Q is for Quirky!

By Rubytuesday
Q is a bit of a tricky letterI decided to go with quirkyAs it was one of only a few I could think ofI like quirkyQuirky clothes Quirky hairQuirky coloursI especially love quirky peopleAnd I am a bit on the quirky side myselfI can remember growing upI desperate to belong To find people like meA place where I didn't stick out like a sore thumbAs a teenager I experimented with lots of different stylesPreppySporty HippyGothicPrim and proper But I never felt I quite belonged to any of them I really had no clue who I was What I was about And what people I wanted to be aroundFor me Clothes are a big part of my identity It was only really in my late twenties That I found a style I likedAnd felt comfortable inI wear a lot of jeans, hoodies and trainersBut I like quirky onesSurf type wear That relaxed Laid back And comfortable in style 
I love to meet people who are a little bit different People who March to the beat of their own drumI'm attracted to people who I can be myself around As there really aren't many out there That's why I get on with my sister so wellShe is quirky to the point of being eccentric And I love that about her She is also bat shit crazyI know she won't mind me saying thatAs I am tooI swear Some of the conversations we have are hilarious And I've been threatening to put a go-pro camera in the car to capture some of our funnier moments A sense of humor is so important I think Especially in the darker times My family have quite a dark sense of humour And it has got us through many of the tougher times Without itI would have gone completely off the wall long ago
Remember in schoolWhen being different or quirky was a bad thing?It seems like the end of the world when you don't fit inBut as an adult It's endearing and interesting to be quirky or different Who wants to be like the crowd anyway.....?

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