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Putin for President

Posted on the 24 April 2014 by Calvinthedog
From Libertarian Nationalist's blog.

From Libertarian Nationalist’s blog.

Let us look at this.

He guards his country’s borders. Check. Does Obama do that? Not exactly. Sure, we have Border Patrol, but once you are over the border, you are pretty much home free. Even if you get arrested for a crime, you are typically not deported. I was in traffic court a while back, and there was one illegal alien after another coming up on driving without a license. Only a few of them were being remanded to the INS. So even if you get arrested as an illegal alien in the US, you typically do not even get arrested! Further, Obama supports amnesty, which is of course really just Open Borders.

He protects his citizens abroad. Does Obama do that? Well I suppose he does, but he certainly does not allow Putin the right to protect his own Russian people outside of Russia.

He keeps gay propaganda out of the schools. I am not sure that is such a great thing, but on the other hand, some gay propaganda at US universities has simply gone way too far.

He prosecutes financial criminals. Does Obama do that? Hell no. He let them all go, every single one of them. The FBI stated after the crash of 2008 that they would have had to arrest all of Wall Street due to the mass criminality that went on there. In other words, everyone on Wall Street is for all intents and purposes a criminal. Obama is totally in bed with these banksters, who form the bedrock of his support.

He jails those who desecrate churches. I suppose Obama would do the same thing here too.

He puts his country’s interest first. It is hard to say whether Obama does this or not. US imperialism has a logic, and Obama’s foreign policy is 100% US imperialism. US imperialism is said to further the interests of the US, or at least of the US rich and corporations, so I suppose you could say that Obama is also putting his country’s interest first, or at least the interests of the US rich and corporations. However, I think Putin is for all the Russians, not just the 1% and the corporations.

He has managed to acquire the cutest girlfriend in the galaxy. True. Google Putin’s girlfriend. She is beautiful!

I rather like this Putin fellow, I must say. Better than any US president, that’s for sure!

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