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Pursuing Happiness in Challenging Times

By Jenrene

So today, I wrote this on. My Facebook Wall: "Happiness is not necessarily just a feeling. It's a disposition, a state of mind, & it involves hope.

Happiness is in your stature, your outlook and your ability to receive."

There's been so much transition in this season . It seems like since August there's been so much change. Change I wasn't ready for, change that came suddenly and unexpectedly, change that blew in with the fall winds.

It's like the earth feels it's upheaval as well. The hurricanes three of them... or more.. that left major devastation, affected lives, changed lives and brought new beginnings. Then the Las Vegas shootings ...Then the fires... speechless. It's as if everyone grieved altogether.

Pursuing Happiness in Challenging Times

Sadness, ... all around.

Where is the hope?

Where do we find happiness?

It's in recognizing blessing.

Sometimes yes, family members don't make it, we experience hardships, but we thrive.

We are stronger, better, more powerful even, when we endure.

Endure for your neighbor, endure for those who have no hope. Endure for those who don't know how to even begin to believe.

You can do it.

Don't give up.

Be brace.

Be steadfast.



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