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Pursuing Alternative Forms of Energy

Posted on the 28 July 2011 by T_mackinnon @tedmackinnon

Due to ongoing environmental concerns which not only affect our present but also our future, coupled with the economic factors such as gas prices and political plus military uncertainty in oil rich areas like-Middle East, Nigeria etc, we have been pushed to a position where we need to make a smart choice by fast and efficient development of new renewable and clean sources of energy supply and production.

Pursuing Alternative Forms of Energy
Our dependence on fossil fuels has to decrease and we have to become energy independent. This is the only course of action that is open to humanity at large and different countries are waking up to different options. Energy experts, consultants and analysts keep warning us that oil sources are not going to last forever nor is our buying power, while we cannot sacrifice our highly mechanized, luxurious and largely electronic civilization, thus we need to make some smart moves fast.

This is where the importance of pursuing alternative forms of energy is underscored. Whether it be due to the unpredictability that energy dependence on other countries brings with it, or the fact that we are causing irreparable damage to the environment-we are responsible for turning this into a win-win situation. Even if there are many skeptics of the claims of the global warming lobby out there, who believe that its a natural cycle and not created by mankind, we can see that there are indeed many changes taking place in the environment and we should not do anything to worsen it.

Concepts of air, sound, water pollution are not mere bookish concepts, they are happening for real and we are causing it. The earth provides us with various resources but they are all finite and if we keep on misusing them like we are doing now, someday we will have to pay for it with catastrophic results. We have to be accountable for our actions and its only natural for us to be afraid of what our future might be like if we do not respect the laws of nature.

Pursuing Alternative Forms of Energy
In this aspect, all the countries of the world have to stand together. While developed nations like United States, Japan, Germany and some other European nations are already devising policies, providing grants and implementing research solutions into practical programs for efficient and timely development of alternative energy sources; the developing nations such as China and India have just started waking up to the challenge.

These countries got industrialized fairly recently and they have been contributing to the pollution phenomena at a much greater rate, they need to take motivation from the developed nations and join hands in providing wings to their research and development faculties to for alternative energy sources development. In fact a partnership or even a commercial we-produce-the-solution-you-buy-and implement-them relationship between the two kinds of economies should not be construed as too far fetched.

In this regards, the role of many alternative energy sources becomes very important-how far they can be developed and their potential harnesses-whether it be biofuels extracted from sugarcane and soybeans or the refined hydroelectric technology, hydrogen fuel cells or the possibility of building more and safer atomic energy plants, solar energy photo voltaic cells being made more efficient or wind-power being harnesses even in non-windy areas-these all are our windows to a greener, cleaner, safer and more prosperous future.

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