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Purging of a Different Kind

By Rubytuesday
So I was getting sick and tired of trying to squeeze my newly rounded body in to my 'anorectic' jeans
I think I was in denial that they were too small
I really believed that if I could just hold my breath in all day
Then everything would be fine and dandy
But enough was enough
I had to purge my wardrobe
I have about 4 pairs of jeans that I call my 'anorectic' jeans
Teeny tiny skinny jeans that no grown woman should be able to fit in to
My favorite pair were a softer than soft blue denim that I picked up in France when I was barely 80 lbs
I loved them so
It gave me no end of pleasure to know that I could slip neatly in to them
Well, not anymore
Yes, I can still close them but they look like they were painted on to my legs
So last night I bit the bullet
I pulled all the offending items out of my wardrobe
Purging of a different kind
And no, I haven't got rid of them
I'm not quite ready for that yet
(Oh I just had a thought
Maybe I could throw them in to the lake with my scales!)
No I haven't thrown them away
I've just put them away
Where they are out of my line of vision so they can't mock me that I can't fit in to them
Thankfully, because I have been every weight under the sun over the last few years
I have every size jeans known to woman
So I went through them all  and tried to find some that I felt comfortable in
Here's what I found

Purging of a different kind

Levis that I bought in Australia 2 years ago and have never worn, dark blue
A little big but wearable and comfortable

Purging of a different kind

Fat Face (on the irony) skinny jeans, navy

Purging of a different kind

Free soul black boot legs jeans, super comfortable

I feel a little better knowing that this jeans fit and are comfortable
If a little sad to say good bye to my old skinnies
Bye bye skinny jeans
You are in a better place now
And so am I
I hope I never have use for you again
I hope you live out the rest of your days at the bottom of my wardrobe
Gathering dust
And being eaten by moths
You have served me well skinny jeans
And you were with me through my darkest times
But it's time say farewell
So long
I hope we never have reason to meet again.......

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