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PUPPP Again?!

By Ladyexpat
After my son was born two years ago, I broke out in a horrible rash.  I saw two different dermatologists at the time before one of them told me I had something called PUPPP (Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy).  Since I was breastfeeding they didn't want to give me a steroid.  Instead they gave me three different prescriptions, two standard creams and one mixed cream the pharmacy put together.
PUPPP is not very common, or so I was told.  It's a rash that spread all over my body and itched like crazy.  It spread everywhere except my face, including the soles of my feet.  It felt like I had a bad case of poison ivy.  The creams didn't help very much and so I was reading online what to do.  Several people suggested dandelion root.  I went to the Reformhaus and bought some liquid dandelion root and took shots of that 3x a day.  After about 4 weeks the rash finally went away - it was 2 weeks after starting the dandelion root.
What I want to know is, can you get PUPPP after a miscarriage?  Because I am breaking out in the same rash as I had before.  About 6 months ago on my stomach where it started before I was having problems.  I went to see a third dermatologist then to try and get rid of it again.  I went through 3 treatments and it was still slightly there but not spreading.  So I don't know if my body never fully got rid of it or what.  It is now spreading from my stomach to my back and thighs.  I went to the Reformhaus yesterday (they are closed on Sunday) and asked for capsules of dandelion root.  They would have to order it and it would take a week.  So I went to the pharmacy to see what they said. Both ladies looked me over and said they could order me something.  I was able to pick it up last night.  It's called Epi-Pevaryl 1% Creme which helps fungal infections - I was hoping to get a steroid.  I already have an appointment in the States so if this doesn't help I'll see another doctor then.  Also, my step-mother is getting me some dandelion root capsules and I am currently taking a shower and washing with Pine Tar soap. PUPPP from what I remember is caused by hormonal imbalances of the liver.  The reason dandelion root is supposed to help is because it is a natural liver cleanser.  Anyway, if anyone has any insight into this, please let me know.  I itch like crazy!  Sadly, not a lot of research has been done on PUPPPs because it is not dangerous to mothers or babies, it just itches really bad.
First pictures are from 2009.  No pictures of my stomach from then, I just had a baby and looked pretty sad.  Notice the rash and the pattern. I think this heat is making it worse.  Thankfully PUPPPs is not contagious.

PUPPP again?!

Back of arm 2 years ago

PUPPP again?!

Back of legs - it moved to the soles of my feet. I remember wanting to walk on glass it itched that badly

These bottom two pictures were taken Saturday night.

PUPPP again?!


PUPPP again?!


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