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Pulwama District

By Jaisonvincent @globlvisiontour
Pulwama District
Pulwama district is located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Pulwama district is considered as one of the attractive places on earth as the place holds a pleasant climate, and other natural attractions such as springs, waterfalls, variety of flora and luscious fruits. The place is famed internationally for the cultivation of saffron which is one of the expensive spices in the world, mainly grown in the Karewa lands of Pampore, Kakapora and Pulwama blocks. The district is also known as the ‘Rice Bowl’ of Kashmir as it holds the statistics of maximum amount of grain production in the whole state.
Pulwama district is an attractive place and it offers various tourist destinations from historic and religious places to beautiful lakes and waterfalls. Some of them are listed below- Avantishwar Temple- This temple is one of the noteworthy monuments in Pulwama District. It is also considered as a significant religious site as it is dedicated to two Hindu Gods, Vishnu, the one who preserves and Shiva, the one who destroys. Payar Temple- The temple is the smallest one compared to other temples in the valley. The temple differs from other temples in the valley as its walls are single slabs extended to the longest areas in a vertical track. Although it has some similarities to the temples of Kashmir, it differs in a way as it has an internal domed roof. Asar Sharief Pinjoora- It is one of the most holy and spiritual site in the district. The shrine holds an important place among the Muslims as it contains the remains of the Islamic Guru, Prophet Mohammed. You can also enjoy the waterfalls located in this area
Shrine of Shah Hamdan- This is almost 700 year old historical shrine, which is the first ever mosque constructed in Kashmir. Sultan Sikander built this shrine in honor of Mir Syed Ali Hamdani. He was a saint who popularized Islam in Kashmir. Jama Masjid- Jama Masjid is a mosque located in Srinagar, is the main pilgrim destination of this area. The mosque is significantly admired as it is constructed out of timber by the Mughals. Natural Attractions Aharbal Waterfall- It is a famed water fall among tourists located in Kashmir. The dimensions of this waterfall may not amuse you but the volume of water coming down of it will certainly do. You will definitely be awestruck by the effortless beauty of this waterfall. Kungwattan- It is a gorgeous place located at 8 km from the Aharbal Waterfall. The place offers a magnificent view of grassland and to reach here you have to take an adventurous trip by riding on ponies. Nagberan- This is a perfect spot for the tourists who want to spend some time of their vacation amid the beauty and solitude of nature. Shikargah- It is a famous wildlife sanctuary preferred by tourists to spend quality time. It is located amid a large stretch of dense forest and over here you can come across a diversity of wild life. Hurpora- It is an attractive view point, 12 km from Jama Masjid. Tarsar and Marsar- These are two renowned lakes in Pulwama. These tourist destinations will certainly give a memorable experience of your lifetime.

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