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Puff It Out!!!!! - 1

By Sahi
      I have always wondered why there s hell lot of difference the way a guy thinks and the way girls think....This has also been a hot topic for debate amongst groups.A thing that a girls feels is really important may be of the least preference for a guy or may even feel it is silly.And when this idea gets clashed there is a rift viin the relationship between a guy and a girl..
PUFF IT OUT!!!!! -   1                                                                 
      I recently happened to read a book by JOHN GRAY about the ways for improving the communication between the opposite sex and in getting what we want in the relationship.Only then did i realize that both the men and the women are like the north and the south poles, and it is always better to be what we are.
      If we try inculcating the characteristics of the north or the south pole then the nature of repultion takes place.there s science even in maintaining relationships and to lead a smooth life.
       For those who are very friendly and start mingling with people as soon as they get intro, it s always better to start off slow.To first know what  kind the other person is and react accordingly.If u react in a n overfriendly manner to someone who s into his/her shells it always creats a negative impression on u.And being a slow coach in a group full of party animals, u would be treated like an alien. So react according to the situation and the person whom you are speaking to!!!!

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