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PUA/Game: Your Average Woman Is Half Prude and Half Nymphomaniac

Posted on the 28 December 2018 by Calvinthedog

People don’t understand women. They are very complex.

On one level they are the worst prudes and sex-haters – witness this #metoo insanity where women are trying to make flirting and dating illegal. In part this is because women are subjected to men who want to have sex with them all day long every day, and they tire of it and grow angry and in a sense turn into stern nuns with rulers waiting to smack the first male hand they see.

However, at the same time, many women are ravenously horny. Most men don’t realize how horny your average woman can be. In recent decades, women have been given the green light to be sexual, and once you flip that switch in the backs to the on position, watch out.

It’s not uncommon at all for teenage girls and women nowadays to masturbate, and many to most of them do it every day or every other day. Many have sex toys that they use on themselves. Once they get with a man who’s very attractive, most women turn into insatiable nymphos who want sex day and night, 3-4 times a day.

So you have this wild sex drive, so strong it’s almost frightening, combined with some pretty profound prudery and sex-negative behavior revolving around shaming men for having a sex drive and wanting to have sex with women. So your average woman is half prude and half nymphomaniac. I know that doesn’t make sense, but I am convinced that it is true, and I understand women better than most men.

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