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PUA/Game: PUA/Game in the Animal World

Posted on the 02 January 2019 by Calvinthedog

The male female divide in humans is very similar in animals, mammals in particular. I always say on here that if you want to understand women, study female animals. Study those deer, elk, seals, sea lions. And then study the males. Look at how they act.

80-20 rule anyone? Check. More like 97-3 rule.

Females forming harems with Alphas? Check. Women riding the Alpha cock carousel in their 20’s and forming harems with Alpha Chads.

A bunch of AFC Betas and Omegas off in the corner resentfully whacking off? Check. Look at the incels.

AFC Betas occasionally conducting raids to overthrow Alpha rule over harems to access females? Check. This could be the Beta Uprising or maybe even incels going on shooting sprees and shooting Chads and their women.

Males of a surprising number of species, all the way down to fish and maybe even bugs, sexually harass women. Check. #Metoo.

Some fish form schools of females to get away from the sexual harassers. Check. That’s feminism.

And the biggest bastard who terrorized the female the most eventually lands her. Check. Women love assholes and nice guys finish last.

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